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How much is a Fresh Beer Club membership, and is it rolling?
A subscription to our Fresh Beer Club is costs £15pm for one Fresh Press, £29pm for two Fresh Presses, £43pm for three Fresh Presses and £57pm for 4 Fresh Presses on a rolling monthly basis.

What if I increase the number of Fresh Presses in my subscription?
If you increase your Fresh Press amount per month, you will pay the new amount for any extra Fresh Presses. After the first additional Fresh Press, you’ll receive £1 off per subsequent addition. For example, if your subscription consisted of 2 x Fresh Presses at £12 (£24pm) before the 29th September, the third additional Fresh Press will be £15 and the fourth would be £14.

Subscribed after the 29th September
Your pricing structure will be as below:

Additional FP Cost

1 Fresh Press









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