When will I receive my rewards for being part of the Fresh Beer Club?
If you joined Fresh Beer Club between 29th September 2021 and 9th February 2022 you'll receive an engraved Fresh Beer Club handle after 3 months, two Fresh Beer (0.5 pint) glasses after 6 months, and a Pinter Tee after one year. For the tap handle and the Tee, we’ll send you an email with the steps to claim these gifts. If you have joined Fresh Beer Club before 29th September 2021 or after 9th February 2022, you'll receive an engraved Fresh Beer Club tap handle after 3 months. We'll send you an email and you must follow the steps in the email to claim the gift.

What happens to my rewards if I cancel my subscription?
If you cancel your subscription, you will not receive your rewards for being in the Fresh Beer Club. If you sign back up, your Fresh Beer Club journey will start at the beginning again.

What happens to my rewards if I pause my subscription?
When you pause your subscription, you’ll stay at that point on your Fresh Beer Club journey. When you resume your subscription, you’ll start where you left off.

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