Summer’s back, as is the long-anticipated Euros. This one felt even bigger than usual and needed something to properly celebrate the occasion.  What better way to ramp up the experience than to release not one…but three limited-edition Euro 2020 Fresh Beers. 

Our brewing team threw themselves into months of trialling and testing to find three Fresh Beers that were a perfect fit for England, Scotland, and Wales. Their hard work definitely paid off with the creation of an outstanding English Pale Ale, Scottish Amber Ale, and Welsh Red Ale.


We all know the song. It’s at the core of English football culture, but no matter whether you watch football all year round or only come out for the Euros, everyone can  get on board with this one. 

Our interpretation takes the form of a 4.5% ABV English Pale Ale, using a Kentish Gold Hop. With a mid/low bitterness, this golden beauty will go down a treat with a steak and stilton pie. 

Fun fact: In the early 19th century, although breweries would call this type of beer an English pale ale, customers would commonly refer to them as bitters to differentiate them from the less hopped beers; a phrase still commonly used today.


Who’s Marshall? And why’s his glove so special? David Marshall is the Scotland goalkeeper, renowned for having a quick hand. So far, Euro 2020 hasn’t gone exactly to plan for them, but it isn’t over yet. 

After careful consideration, we went for a Scottish Amber Ale. It’s estimated that brewing in Scotland dates back 5000 years, which is likely to be very different to today’s methods. Scottish ales vary in strength and flavour, but tend to retain malty characteristics. Just like Marshall’s Glove. 

This Fresh Beer has caramel, nutty, and toasted notes that go perfectly with a variety of game and strong cheeses.



If you’re a Wales supporter, you’ll know who Gareth Bale is. Or at least you probably should. Known to many as a free kick specialist, we’re honouring him, his talent, and Wales with this incredible Fresh Beer.

Welsh ale has changed drastically over the years. During the Middle Ages it looked very different to how it does now, with intense sweetness of honey and strong spices giving it a real kick. Hoppy in character, our rich Red Ale shows biscuit and floral notes: slightly more subtle than its predecessors, but just as delicious.

This truly refreshing red dragon is a great match for Derby cheddar or Sunday roast chicken. 


The Euro 2020 Fresh Beers are limited edition and won’t be available after the 30th June. If there’s one or more of these three that you’ve fallen in love with or reckon could be your perfect match, get in quick before the final whistle.