The Greater Good Fresh Merchandise



You may have seen we’ve just launched our very first capsule collection of Fresh merchandise on our website. This is something we’ve been working on for a while, so we’re really excited to finally share it with you.

The idea of our own merchandise became more and more popular among both our customers and The Greater Good team; we’ll do just about anything for a branded t-shirt.

Everything we do at The Greater Good is driven by quality whilst maintaining a conscience. Keeping the planet front of mind, we hand-picked suppliers that champion sustainable and ethical production. And we know these pieces will feel as fresh on your back as the beer in your hand.


Why is sustainable merch important to us?

It’s no secret that a huge proportion of the textile industry is unsustainable, with fast fashion being one of the biggest polluters across the world. But there are suppliers taking matters into their own hands, producing ethical, sustainably sourced pieces. We chose suppliers which align with our brand’s ethos to create some merch we can be proud of.

As our name suggests, we’re all about making decisions for The Greater Good. Being sustainable and ethical is at the heart of that. We want to come through on this at every level; whether that’s in our packaging, merch, or our Fresh Beer’s ingredients.


Why should we care about sustainable clothing?

Here are some quick facts for you: the fashion industry accounts for 8.1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and a staggering 20-35% of microplastics in the marine environment comes from synthetic clothing. Clothes made from organic cotton have half the carbon footprint compared to clothes made from polyester. For us, the choice was obvious.

As a company, we don’t just talk the talk. We’re driven by sustainable innovation, which means choosing to work with like-minded people who are also striving for a greener planet and are implementing more ethical practices. We’ll only partner with people who operate their business the same way we do: for The Greater Good.