Innovation Update – 1L Fresh Press Bottle

At The Greater Good we continue to innovate while listening to our customers' feedback. We know that there is a real appetite for high ABV beers and the current range has been restricted to 5% due to the size of the Fresh Press.

The new larger Fresh Press size will allow us to launch up to 7% abv beers - so watch out for these being released through this year. The current range remains unchanged in terms of taste and ABV but we will gradually shift to all being in the larger bottle format so that we can streamline our supply chain. This means, in the coming months, you will see new styles arrive in 1L bottle as well as your favourites beginning to arrive in this way.

In addition to this, the larger format is harder wearing, reducing damages of Fresh Presses in transit. We're really committed to acting on feedback from the Fresh Brewing Community as fast and effectively as we can - Fresh Brewing is a collaboration between us all. 


Background Concept

We had a concept for the design of our Fresh Press bottles, and it wasn’t easy to find a manufacturer that could facilitate this vision. The aspect ratio is extremely hard to achieve with conventional manufacturing techniques, as most machines are designed to make round plastic bottles. The difficulty was not just the rectangular shape but also the elongation of them, to make them letter box friendly.


Will this alter the ABV of the current range?

No, the ABV for our current range will stay the same. Despite it being a larger bottle, this will not alter the ABV as the recipes have been reformulated to keep the ABVs consistent.


Will the Packaging get bigger?

No, we are committed to keeping the packaging minimal to prevent excess wastage. With this in mind, the packaging has been redesigned to stay the same size, whilst fitting in the new 1 Litre bottle. And yes…it will still fit through the letterbox.


Will the price of Fresh Presses change?

No, the pricing across the current range will stay the same. We are committed to giving you affordable Fresh Beer from your home.


Material Choice and the environment

The environment and our impact on the planet are core principles for us at The Greater Good. The choice of using PET for us was not a simple one. Urgent action is required to reduce the impacts of plastic on the environment and this needs considering in the context of the wider environmental impact products have. From extensive analysis, we found that in certain applications, the use of plastic can be the right choice. When looking for the right material for our Pinter Packs, we wanted to ensure that we chose whatever solution would be best for the environment. We looked at everything from compostable pouches to metal, glass and plastic. We found that compostable packaging isn’t widely dealt with in the correct manner - instead it often goes to landfill or incineration where it’s compostable properties can’t be realised, and it ultimately ends up being no better than other packaging materials.

Metal and glass have relatively high recycling rates but there is still a big chunk that are not recycled. The production of these materials is an energy intensive process and making them produces much more CO2 than making a plastic bottle. Furthermore, the time these materials take to biodegrade is no better than plastic. Overall, this meant that choosing glass or metal would result in a greater impact on climate change - something close to our heart.  In the end we settled on PET which is a high grade plastic helping it to be one of the most widely recycled materials that is consistently picked up from the kerbside up and down the country.

By using a material that is both conveniently highly recyclable but also has a lower carbon footprint, we are confident we’ve chosen the solution that has the smallest environmental impact. Whilst we recognise the over use of plastic is damaging to the environment, in this instance we feel that the decision to use PET is the correct one because it minimises the impact on climate change vs the alternatives.


When should we expect higher ABV Fresh Beers?

We will be rolling these out the in coming months. We can’t give you an exact date, but every month we will be launching a new Fresh Beer. Keep your eyes peeled.