Pinter - A Backstory


Many moons ago we started talking about brewing beer. Some of us even had a go. 

Generally, it was difficult to find the right equipment, difficult to do and much of the time difficult to drink. But, there was still something about it; an interest that just doesn’t come from a can on a shelf, a conversation starter from brewing beer at home and the notion that there must be a better way of brewing beer yourself. And fresher beer is better beer.

The journey this thinking took us on was long and arduous, but always interesting.

Ralph (Founder): "It was something we’d talked about for a long time. Having Fresh Beer at home has loads of major benefits. It tastes better, it’s better for the environment, you can drink much better beer for less money. We realised the main reason people weren’t doing it was the technology – what was out there was complicated, expensive, unreliable and gave mixed results at best - so we naively set about developing what would eventually become the Pinter".

The years that followed were spent absorbing as much as possible about the art of brewing beer. We developed loads of prototypes and a fair few products, but never fully meeting our standards. We talked, sketched, calculated, refined, tested and occasionally argued about the lot. Learning as we progressed, honing our knowledge of what would be the difference between a good Pinter and a great Pinter.

Pinter Swatches

Numerous mock ups, drawings and renders were produced and we gathered around screens to discuss angles or material choices whilst drinking coffee and pointing with pens - it was kind of like a stock photo came to life.

One really important hurdle was size and more importantly what that meant for fitting in someone’s fridge. So we mocked up a foam model and took turns taking it home, it was sent to friends and family for them to try - so now the Pinter is designed to fit into 80% of people’s fridges without changing shelf configuration, couldn’t have done it without you, Foamy. 

Pinter Foam

The scale of the project grew week by week and, in September 2019, we knew we needed more practical space. We took up shop in Walthamstow, which we coined Public House. Before long we had the unit next door too. This meant we had a truly practical space to allow for large scale testing, plus hire a Master Brewer to head up the development of the Fresh Presses and Fresh Beer range.

We met and overcame so many technical challenges it's impossible to recount them here. How do we securely deliver letterbox friendly Fresh Presses? How do we separate surplus yeast? How do we carbonate different styles and types of beer in the same Pinter? How do we simplify a complex process?

Pinter Pack mock

Covid-19 proved a major hurdle in more ways than one and navigating such a seismic situation definitely slowed progress for us. However, centralising things and growing the team made for a much more focused approach and improvements came quickly. Trialling and testing the Pinter became an invaluable cycle of refinement.

420 ingredients and components make up the Pinter and associated drinks. Assembly alone (not including manufacturing) means 120 quality control checks ensure every product that goes out of the door is the Pinter experience which guarantees amazing Fresh Beer at home.

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