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Why is my Beer or Cider cloudy?

The cloudiness of the brew depends on which Fresh Beer Style you've decided to make. Like lots of craft beers, our Beers can be cloudy. This is partly because Fresh Beer uses no aggressive filtration processes like more mass-produced beers do. Most importantly, our beers are unfiltered; filtering is one of the tricks big industrial brewers use to make their drinks clear more quickly. You can learn more about cloudy or hazy beers here

Can I bottle my Fresh Beer?

We do not recommend bottling our Fresh Beers from the Pinter. There is a chance that a secondary fermentation can occur, which could become dangerous if extra pressure is created inside the bottle.

How long will my Fresh Beer last once it has finished conditioning?

Fresh Beer will stay fresh in the Pinter for up to 30 days in the fridge before tapping. Fresh Beer is at its optimum quality up to 7 days after tapping and may start to lose carbonation after this. Keeping your Pinter cold is the best way to make sure your Beers stay as Fresh as possible.

When do you release new Fresh Beer and Fresh Cider Styles?

Every month we release a new Fresh Beer of the Month. If you are a Fresh Beer Club member, we recommend that you keep an eye out for our Fresh Beer launch email so that you can change your Pinter Pack choice in time for your next month's subscription delivery.

Do the Fresh Beers and Fresh Ciders contain any additives?

By definition, Fresh Beer doesn't need preservatives. Our whole range of Fresh Beers and Fresh Ciders do not contain any additives, and there aren't any added after fermentation either.

How long will the Pinter Keep my Fresh Beer or Fresh Cider cold when out of the fridge?

Your Pinter will keep your Fresh Beer or Fresh Cider cold for approximately 2-3 hours, as long as it's at room temperature and not in direct sunlight.

Why is my Beer so foamy?

An overly foamy or frothy pour can often indicate that the Fresh Beer or Fresh Cider was not quite cold enough during Conditioning. Conditioning the Fresh Beer or Fresh Cider allows the CO2 created by the yeast during fermentation to be completely dissolved into the Fresh Beer or Fresh Cider, making it carbonated. If the Pinter is not cold enough during Conditioning, the CO2 will not be fully absorbed. This means the pressure can instead be released through the tap when pouring and make it very foamy. It may be that the fridge temperature was not low enough, that the fridge was opened a little too frequently or even that other items in the fridge may have brought the temperature up. Conditioning your Pinter for an extra few days, at a slightly lower temperature if possible, should help to prevent this from happening again.

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