FAQs - General Questions

How does Fresh Beer become carbonated?

Fresh Beer made in the Pinter is naturally carbonated with the CO2 produced during fermentation. The Carbonation Dial regulates the pressure in the Pinter during the brewing process, so your Fresh Beers and Ciders will always have the perfect level of carbonation.

Will the Pinter fit What are the dimensions of the Pinter and Co-Pinter?

The size of the Pinter and Co-Pinter is: 38 cm L x 24.5 cm W x 22 cm H. The Pinter always needs to be Conditioned in the fridge so we recommend that you measure your fridge to see if it will fit.

What are the dimensions of the Pinter Packs?

The size of our Pinter Packs is 3 cm x 27.5 cm x 19.5 cm and should fit through a conventional letterbox for convenient delivery.

How does the Pinter work?

The Pinter is a unique self-contained device in which brewing - from fermentation to conditioning - is streamlined without sacrificing any quality. Add water, yeast Fresh Press and let the Pinter do the heavy lifting - 4 or so days later tap 10 pints of Fresh Beer.

What is a Co-Pinter?

Our Co-Pinters are exclusively available to Pinter owners, so that you can have a constant flow of Fresh Beer. The Co-Pinter is exactly the same spec as your original Pinter and the only thing it doesn't come with is its own Brewing Dock. You can use your original Dock to Brew one Pinter while the other one is Conditioning in the fridge, getting ready to tap.

Can I use my own ingredients in the Pinter?

Do not use your own mixtures or add extra ingredients to the Pinter or Fresh Presses. Our Pinters and Fresh Press Packs are specifically designed to create the perfect flavour profile. Using anything other than The Greater Good Pinter Packs in your Pinter will also void your 1 year warranty.

Why do you use plastic?

We invested a long time researching the best materials for both the Pinter and our Pinter Packs. We found that the PET plastic we eventually settled on is the most widely recycled material at this time with the lowest CO2 impact.

Is the Pinter dishwasher-safe?

The Pinter isn't suitable for dishwasher cleaning and should only be cleaned as per the instructions.

Do you have printed instructions?

We only offer the online instructions - we believe this offers the best experience and ensures that all of the instructions are as clear as possible. We are always happy to help talk you through any parts of the instructions over the phone, if that would help. Give us a call on: 0116 326 2768. Our phone lines are open Monday - Friday 9am to 8pm, and Saturday - Sunday 9:30am to 6pm.

How long does Fresh Beer last?

Fresh Beer will stay fresh in the Pinter for up to 30 days in the fridge before tapping. Fresh Beer is at its optimum quality up to 7 days after tapping, and may start to lose carbonation after this. Keeping your Pinter cold is the best way to make sure your beers stay as fresh as possible.

Does my Pinter come with a Warranty?

We offer a 1 year warranty on each Pinter if used as directed. Your warranty automatically starts from the date of delivery. If you are gifting a Pinter then you simply need to ask the recipient to contact us with your order number and their email address and we will transfer the warranty over to them.

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