Pure Finish Pinter

Pure Finish Pinter

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The Pinter [Pint-er]: precision-engineered technology for anyone to enjoy 10 pints of award-winning Fresh Beer at home. Brewed by you, designed to share.

Take the Pinter, add the handcrafted Fresh Press, fill with water and brew. Add to the fridge for conditioning and in just a few days since your ingredients arrived through the letterbox, enjoy award-winning, sustainable Fresh Beer. 

Over 75% of the UK population is unaware the freshness of beer is vital to flavour. Ingredients in beer are sensitive and degrade over time. Storage, temperature changes and time all have a negative impact, so when it comes to beer, fresh is best.


How you use the Pinter


Order Pinter Pack from the Pinter app


Purify, add Fresh Press, add Brewing Yeast


Leave to ferment


Condition in the fridge


Tap Fresh Beer from Pinter

What carbonation setting shall I put my beer or cider on?

We recommend you follow the carbonation setting shown on your Fresh Press. For our Beers this is “Carbonated” on the Pinter 1 and “Carbonation setting 2” on the Pinter 2. For our Ciders this is “Carbonated” on the Pinter 1 and “Carbonation setting 1” on the Pinter 2.

Should my Brewing Dock wobble when it is attached? 

You may experience a wobble between the Brewing Dock to the Pinter 2. The connection system used in Pinter 2 is upgraded from Pinter 1 to allow more flexibility which reduces the chance of the clip on the Brewing Dock splitting. This was an issue that some of our Pinter 1 customers experienced.  This added flexibility means the Pinter has some freedom of movement relative to the Brewing Dock whilst also being firmly attached and working correctly.

My Pinter is making a hissing noise, is that normal?

Hearing an intermittent hiss coming from the Carbonation Dial during the Brewing process is completely normal and nothing to worry about at all. It is simply excess pressure being released. If you do not hear a hissing sound, it just means that your Pinter is at the correct pressure and does not need to vent itself.

How does the Beer become carbonated?

Fresh Beer made in the Pinter is naturally carbonated with the CO2 produced during fermentation. The Carbonation Dial regulates the pressure in the Pinter during the brewing process, so your Fresh Beers and Ciders will always have the perfect level of carbonation. Most of the carbonation is activated when the Pinter is conditioned at cold temperatures.

Why does my Space Hopper look different to the other Presses? And how do I mix it?

The higher malt content in some beers including Space Hopper and Stonebridge makes it a very viscous Press, so it can look a little different to our other Fresh Presses. This is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. However, due to the added thickness of the liquid, we recommend that you mix the Fresh Press, yeast and water together for longer than 10 seconds. You can also place the Fresh Press bottle in warm (not boiling) water for 10-20 minutes before adding it to your Pinter which will help it mix with the water and yeast.

How much Fresh Beer can the Pinter produce at one time?

Each Pinter Pack makes 10 pints in the Pinter.

Can I transport my Pinter when it's full?

There shouldn't be any problem with transporting your Pinter, even when it's full. We advise to make sure your Pinter stays horizontal and that the Carbonation Dial remains uncovered and set to the ‘Carbonated’ position.

If you have decided to travel with your Pinter, the Fresh Beer inside will also have moved around. Therefore we recommend leaving it to settle for longer than you normally would before tapping and turning the Carbonation Dial to 'Off' even more slowly.

You may notice that your beer is not as clear as usual as some of the sediment would have been agitated back into the beer. This doesn’t impact the taste however and your Fresh Beer is safe to drink.

Is the Brewing Dock Necessary?

Yes, the Brewing Dock captures all of the waste products from the brewing process (spent brewing yeast).

What type of water do I use with my Fresh Presses?

All of our Presses are developed specifically to work with the varied types of water across the country, so regular tap water is all you need.

How long does a Press take to brew?

The Brewing time varies depending on the style. Refer to the specific label/product page instructions on your Fresh Press. Please see all of our Fresh Beers here.


Keep on top of your Fresh Beer by tracking milestones and syncing with your calendar.

2 MILLION PINTS BREWED See what others have said about Pinter

"Great product. Easy to use and great tasting beers!"

Rosanna H.

"This product has changed my way of brewing beyond belief."

Gary S.

"...The Pinter is absolutely fool proof and the beer is amazing. "

Robert T.

"Very simple brewing process with excellent results."

Michael F.

"Very simple brewing process with excellent results."

Michael F.

"...The Pinter is absolutely fool proof and the beer is amazing. "

Robert T.

"This product has changed my way of brewing beyond belief."

Gary S.

"Great product. Easy to use and great tasting beers!"

Rosanna H.