Why are my pints foamy from my Pinter 2?

If your first pour comes out foamy, this is nothing to worry about. We recommend you try pouring another whilst following the information below.

You can learn more about tapping here.

If the Pinter is not cold enough during conditioning or the Pinter has not been conditioning for long enough, the CO2 will not be fully absorbed.This means that your Fresh Beer or Cider may be more foamy that it should be. It may be that the fridge temperature was not low enough, that the fridge was opened a little too frequently or that, due to other items in the fridge, the overall temperature was brought up.

If you think that this could have caused foamy beer we suggest conditioning your brew for a couple more days, at a colder temperature if possible, which should help with the carbonation.

During your 1st pour, there will be higher pressure in the Pinter that will be pushing the liquid out the tap, sometimes this could be fast or foamy. As you tap, the pressure in the Pinter goes down, this will change the flow of your tap throughout your pouring. 

If you find that the flow out of your tap is too fast or it is foamier than usual you can release some pressure by slowly turning the Carbonation Dial down, this will reduce the flow out of the tap but might mean you will need to use Final Pour Position sooner than normal.

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