Privacy & Cookie Policy

Please see our Website and General Enquiries Privacy Notice 2021 here.

Nothing is more important to us then our customers. We will always put your best interests first and that includes how we manage your data. We keep is safe, only keep if it’s going to help us to serve you better and we never share it with anyone else.

The data controller (the company that’s responsible for your privacy) for everything we do is The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co Ltd.

This privacy policy applies to all The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co Ltd channels including but not limited to:

- The website

- The Pinter App

Here’s what we ask for and how and why we use that information.

Your name and contact details

How we use your name & contact details


Send you Fresh Beer products

Because we know how good it tastes J We also know that when you spend money with us, we need to send you the goods!

Service Messages  - Including deliveries and order updates.

If we need to update you to keep you informed of your order progress, then we think this is the best way to do it.

Sending you information by email, SMS, or post, about our new products and services

We’re always launching new things and we want to keep you in the loop with what we’re doing because we’re confident you’ll love it.

Fraud prevention and detection

It helps to keep everybody safe

Adverts as you brows the web

We run campaigns to inform our customers about products we have which we think they will like – we never serve ads we don’t think you’ll be interested in.

Keeping track of what you like

We do this to make sure we’re offering you the right products and it also helps us inform what we work to develop next.

Your date of birth

How we use DOB information


Fraud prevention and detection

It helps to keep everybody safe


Your gender information

How we use Gender information


To help us understand what products different people like

We’ve developed pioneering technology and knowing what different people like helps us to improve our products in the right way. We want to make products that work for all different kinds of people.




Your contact history with us

All of our correspondence with you – what you’ve said to us and what we’ve said to you.

How we use correspondence information


To helps us to provide the best customer service

Because we think it’s what you would want.

Train our staff

To make sure we’re as good as we can possibly be.


Purchase history and saved items

What you’ve bought in the past and anything you might have put in your basket.

How we use your purchase history and saved items


To help us to sell you the products that are most relevant to you.

We need to do this to facilitate the transaction.

Keep track of what’s sold

For customer service and returns purposes.


Technical information about the platform and device you’re using to browse the website or app.

Information you give us when you browse our site or use our app, including your IP address and device type and, if you choose to share it with us, your location data, as well as how you use our website and app.


How we use Device and Browser Information


To make sure our website works for you.

To give you the best experience.

Protect our website

To prevent and detect fraud and other malicious activity


Information from accounts you link to us

Here’s what we do if you link your social media accounts to us.

How we use information from accounts you link to us


To enable you to log into our website simply and easily without having to create a specific account

To give you the quickest access we can to our services and products


Your responses to surveys, competitions and promotions

How we use your responses to surveys, competitions and promotions


Run the survey, competition or promotion

We need these responses to help understand what people think of the survey questions.


You only have to give us your personal information if you want to but without it, it is unlikely we’ll be able to do things like deliver you products. What ever you decide, we fully respect your choice and will make sure we abide by your wishes.

Sharing your information

We never ever sell anyone’s personal data to any third party… ever. The only time we share data with 3rd parties is if we’re working on systems to deliver you a service – for example, payment providers, logistics partners and agencies that help us with marketing.


If you give us permission we will keep you up to date with the most relevant and latest products we have. You can stop receiving marketing messages from us at any time. To do this, click on the unsubscribe link in any email.

Keeping your information

We’ll only hold on to your information for as long as you are a customer. If you no longer wish to be a customer, you can also contact our Customer Care team and request to delete all the information we have on you.

Your rights

You have a lot of rights relating to your personal information: 

The right to be informed about how your personal information is being used

The right to access the personal information we hold about you

The right to request the correction of inaccurate personal information we hold about you (although you can probably do most of this through My Account

The right to request that we delete your data, or stop processing it or collecting it, in some circumstances

The right to stop direct marketing messages, which you can do through My Account, and to withdraw consent for other consent-based processing at any time

The right to request that we transfer or port elements of your data either to you or another service provider

The right to complain to your data protection regulator — in the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office 

If you want to exercise your rights, have a complaint, or just have questions, please contact us.


Changes to how we Protect Your Privacy

When we make any significant changes to how we protect your privacy, we’ll always update you via email.


We use cookies on our website to help give a relevant and optimised online experience.

How to contact us

If there’s absolutely anything we can do to help please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the contact us page.


Pinter App

Below are details relating specifically to the Pinter App and it's use including what information and data we retrieve from the application.

Personal Data

Demographic and other personally identifiable information (such as your name and email address) that you voluntarily give to us via your The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co account on our website and when choosing to participate in various activities related to the Application, such as chat, posting messages in comment sections or in our forums, liking posts, sending feedback, and responding to polls. If you choose to publicly share data about yourself via your profile, feed, Taproom or other interactive areas of the Application, please be advised that all data you disclose in these public areas will be accessible to anyone who accesses the Application.

Derivative Data

Information our servers automatically collect when you access the Application, such as your native actions that are integral to the Application including brewing habits, community engagement, purchasing, use of instructions as well as other interactions with the Application and other users via server log files.

Geo-Location Information

We provide you the option to display your general location (closest city) within the application to provide location-based services and allow you to find like minded acquaintances nearby. We may in the future use these general locations in order to notify you of events in your area. If you wish to change our access or permissions, you may do so in your device’s settings.

Mobile Device Access

We may request access or permission to certain features from your mobile device, including your mobile device’s camera to allow you to take pictures from within the application,  your mobile device’s camera roll in order for you to post images and videos within the application, your device calendars to allow you to track your Pinter activity, your mobile data so you can receive updates from and use the application when wifi is not available and access to your mobile device’s notifications so that the application can notify you of activity from your Pinter Log and the Pinter community. If you wish to change our access or permissions, you may do so in your device’s settings.

Mobile Device Data

Device information such as your mobile device model, and manufacturer and version of your operating system.

Push Notifications

We may request to send you push notifications regarding your account or the Application. If you wish to opt-out from receiving these types of communications, you may turn them off in your device’s settings and from within the application settings.