Sustainability Policy

We know our technology has the power to transform the environmental impact of our industry and we take our responsibility very seriously.

The Pinter

By introducing the Pinter, first of all you are significantly reducing your use of packaging . One Pinter makes the equivalent of 17 cans or bottles (330ml) of craft beer. Additionally to this reduction in packaging waste, there are enormous C02 benefits of using the Pinter due to the transport, production and packaging savings. These are so significant, compared to drinking imported lagers you only need to use the Pinter once to completely offset its manufacturing C02 impact. That also means that every time you subsequently use it, you are reducing your beer carbon footprint by up to 50%.

The Material choice

Urgent action is required to reduce the impacts of plastic on the environment and this needs considering in the context of the wider environmental impact products have. In certain applications, the use of plastic can be the right choice. When looking for the right material for our Pinter Packs, we wanted to ensure that we chose whatever solution would be best for the environment. We looked at everything from compostable pouches to metal, glass and plastic. We found that compostable packaging isn’t widely dealt with in the correct manner - instead it often goes to landfill or incineration where it’s compostable properties can’t be realised, and it ultimately ends up being no better than other packaging materials.

Metal and glass have relatively high recycling rates but there is still a big chunk that are not recycled. The production of these materials is an energy intensive process and making them produces much more CO2 than making a plastic bottle. Furthermore, the time these materials take to biodegrade is no better than plastic. Overall, this meant that choosing glass or metal would result in a greater impact on climate change - something close to our heart.  In the end we settled on PET which is a high grade plastic helping it to be one of the most widely recycled materials that is consistently picked up from the kerbside up and down the country.

By using a material that is both conveniently highly recyclable but also has a lower carbon footprint, we are confident we’ve chosen the solution that has the smallest environmental impact. Whilst we recognise the over use of plastic is damaging to the environment, in this instance we feel that the decision to use PET is the correct one because it minimises the impact on climate change vs the alternatives.  We are currently working with our partners to get our plastic components produced from 100% recycled plastic, meaning that every gram of plastic we use will have taken one gram of plastic out of the waste stream.

The Company Carbon Footprint

We are committed to being a carbon and packaging neutral company by the end of 2022, and we use renewable energy to power our warehouse.

    We will continue to develop and work with our supply chain to bring ever more environmentally sustainable solutions to our product range.