FRESH BEER is better beer

Fresh Beer is beer in its optimum state immediately at the end of the conditioning cycle of the brewing process. 

Ingredients in beer are sensitive and flavour quickly begins to degrade after any oxidisation, time, storage, transportation and changes in temperature have made an impact. 

The flavour of beer develops during fermentation, which happens inside your Pinter before you tap. Then it’s Pinter, to glass, to you no risk of flavour degrading, just incredible flavour as it was intended. 

How refreshing.

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FRESH BEER is better beer


Join us on a journey each month to a new destination, and a new beer, with the Pinter as your guide.

We’ll travel from Europe to the Americas with layovers in-between, where every beer is a destination, and every beer has a story.



Haus of Hops

Pilsner + Hopper Pilsner + Hopper - 5.6%
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Makes 10 pints £20.00

Tropical Debate

neipa + hopper NEIPA + Hopper 5.6%
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Makes 10 Pints £19.00

Fresh Republic

lager Continental Lager 4.4%
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Makes 10 Pints £13.00

Space Hopper

DIPA Double IPA 7.0%
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Makes 10 Pints £16.00

Dark Matter

stout Espresso Stout 4.4%
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Makes 10 Pints £15.00



Fresh Presses are the craft behind Fresh Beer.

A hand-selected blend of quality ingredients; water, malt, and hops or fruit. This mix captures the ingredients at the optimum point for consistent Fresh Brewing.
Our team of passionate brewers ensure your Fresh Presses are prepared to the highest standard from meticulous malting, kilning, milling, mashing, and blending; all the way to getting it to your home.

Using our Fresh Presses, the Pinter makes a wide range of award-winning Fresh Beers and Ciders including IPAs, Lagers, and Fruit Ciders.


Hops from Kent, malt from Suffolk. Chosen for their distinctive flavour, the 100% natural oil extraction process of our hops means they keep their full aroma and taste. Hoppy bitterness brings balance to our malt’s sweetness; perfectly partnered for piney, earthy profiles.

ABC: apples best for cider. Bittersweet and from the acclaimed orchards of Herefordshire, the apple variety we selected for our cider brilliantly blends sweetness and acidity. Hazy, aromatic, and frankly, delicious.


A world-first exclusive for Pinter 2. Enjoy freshly-hopped beer at home, for the first time.

Hops are sensitive and ingredients in beer degrade over time. Freshness is vital to flavour.

That’s where the Hopper comes in.

Add the Hopper to your Pinter during brewing and experience freshly-hopped taste like never before as a burst of aromas and flavour. Available as a new range for Pinter 2 only: Hopper Fresh Beers.

An unparalleled sensory drinking experience.


Fresh Beer Ranges


Developed exclusively for Pinter 2, only certain Fresh Presses come with a Hopper to freshly-hop your beer, for an unparalleled sensory drinking experience and next-level fresh flavour.


They’re called Classic for a reason. Classic Fresh Beers are the originals that we all know and love. It’s as simple as a Fresh Press plus a Pinter to tap these tried-and-tested Fresh Beer favourites.

Fresh Beer


Over the last few years, our Master Brewer, Evangelos, has tasted and tested thousands of ingredients and flavour combinations in our extensive beer development centre to produce the best possible Fresh Beer. 

As ingredients play such a crucial role in the final taste, it's no surprise that for us, only the best will do. Every hop, malt and fruit that goes into our Fresh Presses has been meticulously selected, ensuring consistency and optimum quality.


Lock in your supply and receive a host of member benefits

  • Fixed pricing on Fresh Beer from £15 a month
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Is the Purifier safe?

The Purifier is completely safe to use as directed but can be harmful if consumed in its concentrated form – please refer to the product label for more information.

Why don't all the Fresh Presses come with a Hopper?

We have 2 ranges of Fresh Presses: Hopper and Classic.Hopper Fresh Presses are only compatible with Pinter 2 and there are still many Pinter 1 owners brewing Fresh Beer.

How long does Fresh Beer last in the Pinter?

Fresh Beer will stay fresh in the Pinter for up to 30 days in the fridge before tapping. Fresh Beer is at its optimum quality up to 7 days after tapping and may start to lose carbonation after this. Keeping your Pinter cold is the best way to make sure your Beers stay as Fresh as possible.

How do I store my Fresh Press and Pinter Pack contents?

We recommend storing your Fresh Press, Yeast and Hopper in the fridge. 

Keeping your Pinter Packs in the fridge until you use them will help to maintain the overall shelf life of each pack and will guarantee the ultimate freshness of your Brewing Yeast, Fresh Press and Hopper. For best results, remove your Fresh Press from the fridge 1 hour prior to brewing to enable it to reach room temperature. This will make sure that the ingredients blend better and ultimately brew better.

How long will my Fresh Press last?

You can find the Best Before Date on the back of your Fresh Press bottle. You can make sure your Presses stay as Fresh as possible by storing them in the fridge.

Are the Fresh Presses gluten-free?

Our Ciders are gluten-free, but are made in an environment that handles gluten.

Is Fresh Beer vegan/vegetarian?

Yes - all our Fresh Presses are 100% vegan and vegetarian friendly.

What is the ABV of the Fresh Beers and Ciders?

The ABVs of our Fresh Beers vary from 3.8% to 7% depending on the Style. You can find the ABV of specific Fresh Beers here: Fresh Beers.


Keep on top of your Fresh Beer by tracking milestones and syncing with your calendar.

OVER 3 MILLION PINTS See what people have been saying about Fresh Beer

" A great addition to the Pinter family."

K. Sankey

"Amazing beer. Tastes better than any pub ale."

Carl M.

"...this is as good or better than pub beer!"

Gavin S.

" Excellent product and beers."

John M.

" Excellent product and beers."

John M.

"...this is as good or better than pub beer!"

Gavin S.

"Amazing beer. Tastes better than any pub ale."

Carl M.

" A great addition to the Pinter family."

K. Sankey