Why has my Fresh Press Best Before been relabelled?

You may occasionally notice that your Fresh Presses have new Best Before labels.

Our mission is to build an innovative, sustainable and social world of Fresh Beer. To make sure that we can confidently stand by this mission, this is just one of the steps we have put in place to be more sustainable.

We always try to ensure that we have enough Fresh Presses lined up and ready. This means that sometimes we make too much. However it’s completely unnecessary for Fresh Presses that are still fresh, to see the bin just because their best before dates have come around. To combat this, we’ll be retesting Fresh Press stock before their Best Before date comes around. They’ll go through the exact process as a newly made batch, testing the sensory quality and the micro levels in our lab, ensuring they are safe to brew. All Fresh Presses that pass our Fresh Test will go back on sale with a new Best Before date. So, if you receive a Fresh Press through your letterbox that has a 'This Fresh Press has been retested and relabelled' label, you know that it has been saved from being unnecessarily wasted and it’s good to get started in your Pinter.

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