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A Day in The Life of a Senior Design Engineer

We’re incredibly proud of the brilliant people that we have working at Pinter. Especially the team of innovation and design experts that focus their every day on bringing you, our community, products that will change the way you experience beer forever.

We want to give you a peek into what goes behind the scenes at Pinter, so this month we are catching up with a team that keeps innovation at its heart: Product Development. They’re responsible for all the fresh thinking and development that goes into the Pinter all the way from the first prototypes to future innovations. We’ve caught up with Greg, a Senior Design Engineer at Pinter to give you a behind-the-scenes look at a day at Pinter in an engineer's shoes.


A typical day for a Senior Design Engineer

As a Senior Design Engineer, Greg’s role is to constantly work on how we can make sure the product gives you the best possible Fresh Beer experience, working with the brewing team to sketch ideas and create prototypes that redefine excellence. No day ever looks the same for Greg, but his role evolves around creating and communicating his ideas to the Product Development team and beyond. He brings his ideas to life by creating a CAD (3D) model which he prototypes, tests to the fullest, and then it’s rinsed and repeated until the team has the best possible solution. We’d love to tell you what he’s been working on recently, but we’ll have to wait till the big reveal.

Greg mentioned that a great part about his work is the team that he works with. The Product Development team each have their unique set of skills, meaning that collaboration is easy. The best person, with the specialised expertise, is always responsible for the right tasks. 

A storied career

Greg has had a long and distinguished career in Design and Engineering, which is why we’re so happy he’s working here (and why we can’t wait to show you what he’s been working on). He started his career studying how to design buildings as opposed to machines, with years of experience in academia, ranging from inventing a rapidly deployable shelter system for his PhD, all the way to setting up an undergraduate degree in architectural engineering with plenty in between. 

Since his academic work, Greg’s career has continued to flourish, from freelance engineering work, to setting up and launching his own company, creating an award-winning teaching tool for science and engineering. Greg has always held a passion for designing and engineering. He told me that every job he’s had up to this point has been an excuse to design and build things. Essentially he likes to problem solve. 


The lure of Pinter

What were the draws of designing for Pinter? Greg said that one was an opportunity to focus on his passion; building and designing things 100% of the time. It’s true problem solving where the solution can come only from design and engineering. He could use his knowledge and apply theory, but the solution is always practical, something he can see and hold. We all agree that with innovation at the heart of what Pinter stands for, Greg fits in perfectly.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about the role of a Senior Design Engineer at Pinter, we know we certainly did. Keep an eye out for more behind-the-scenes information about the great people who make up Pinter.

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