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Ain't no fest like a Pinter fest

What better excuse to invite some mates over and enjoy your Fresh Beer than the biggest and most famous beer festival in the world - Oktoberfest! 

The 188th Oktoberfest takes place from 16th September until 3rd October 2023 and is set to attract 6 million visitors from around the world to Munich in celebration. Can’t get to Munich? Not to worry, that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the revelry. There’s plenty of festivals happening up and down the UK, from London to Newcastle to Inverness. Find your nearest one here.

Whether you’re going out, hosting a party or want to put your feet up and enjoy a pint, why not add some festivity to trying your new Fresh Beer style? 

We’ve put together a list of things that you can do to celebrate Oktoberfest right at home.  

1. The most important thing…

…The beer! An exclusive six breweries are allowed to make the beer served at Oktoberfest and they’re all inside the city limits of Munich. So if you won’t get to taste them then your old faithful is the next best thing.

2. Time to set the scene (and the table) 

The tell tale stein 

Decant your beer into the traditional drinkware of Oktoberfest - The Stein. Traditionally made out of stoneware, glass steins are what’s used today and they give rise to generous pours. A 1 litre mug of beer is how it’s done traditionally so why not get in on it, if you’re so inclined. 

Clink your glasses together and shout Prost! (Cheers!)

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Buy the blue and white tablecloth and decorations



3. Play that funky musik stein boy

Set the tone with some tunes that fit the occasion. Oompah music is the German brass band music that’s played throughout the festival, along with some other tunes that you probably already know. 

We’ve found a very special playlist of the most popular songs played at Oktoberfest for you to enjoy at home as you sip on a nice chilled pint (or Stein). 

Listen to the playlist on Spotify

4. Snacks are essential 

Laugenbrezel (Bavarian Pretzels)

Why not go the extra mile and make your own Bavarian Pretzels. Munching on these soft and salty treats as you enjoy your Fresh Beer is the perfect way to celebrate. You can even use Fresh Beer in the recipe! Festival versions of these pretzels are huge so feel free to give that a go if you can fit it in your oven!

Bavarian Pretzels Recipe 

Schweinebraten (Pork Roast) 

Go the whole hog and make a Bavarian style pork roast, its extra special because it uses Amber lager in the cooking which tenderises the meat and gives it a delicious flavour. 

Schweinebraten (Pork Roast) Recipe

And of course, don’t forget the classic Würstl (German Sausages).

5. Dress the part

If you want to go all out in your Oktoberfest festivities, traditional garms are a must! The famous Lederhosen is worn by the men - dashing! And don't forget your Trachten or German-style hunting hat with a tuft of goat hair. Women wear the equally flattering and traditional Dirndl.

6. Kick it off right

Now the festivities can begin! Just as the Mayor of Munich does each year to start the festival, you should exclaim “O'zapft is!” (It’s tapped) as you tap your first pint (or Stein), Prost! Usually the exclamation is followed by a signal of twelve gunshots, signalling that beer may now be sold in all of the tents - we suggest you skip this step.

So now you know how to celebrate Oktoberfest good and proper. All you need now is to get your beer ready, invite some friedns and get the Oopah-rty started!

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