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Q&A with Ralph and Andy: Their take on Pinter x Yeastie boys

Andy Potter, Head Brewer

We're breaking new ground here, what were the biggest challenges?

This was an exercise in remixing a classic. It was important to get close to appearance and aroma, and then capture the soul and feel of the beer.

What's excited you most about this collab?

Working with Stu. He's a massive character on the British beer scene and some of Yeastie Boys’ beers very much got me into craft, so getting to brew Bigmouth has been a dream.

We've developed a brand new beer too - tell us about that.

It's very much an exemplification of Pinter meets Yeastie Boys, using lashings of NZ hops and kiwi fruit over the top of delicious British barley giving an amazing and flavourful mouthfeel.

We have the responsibility of another respected brand in our hands, how does that differ from developing the next Pinter beer?

This really was a case of handling a classic. We’ve called this Bigmouth Remixed and that was very much the job - an adaptation of a much loved piece of work. That’s always in your mind through the development process.

We took the foundation of Bigmouth and remixed it, taking the Yeastie Boys DNA and our own character and combining them into something special

Ralph Broadbent, CEO

This is our first collab brand-new territory, what excites you about it? Is that important to you/Pinter?

This is a hugely exciting milestone, opening up the Pinter to an entirely new space. You get to be a craft brewer for the day, you get to tap the first batch of an award-winning beer fresh, inside your home. That's pretty amazing, and to jump into this world with Yeastie Boys, their credentials, their achievements as a brewery, we couldn't be happier with that partnership. We’re so excited for what this means for the future.

Was this always something you wanted to do with Pinter?

Yes, definitely.

As a company we love breaking new ground. Innovation and product development are really the beating heart of what we do, so this was always a natural step.

We want people brewing and drinking amazing beer at home, we know that people want the opportunity to brew beers they know and love - but have that added feeling of pride that can only come with brewing your own beer, to start that journey with Yeastie Boys is perfect and the start of something special.

What interested you about working with Yeastie Boys?

It's a complete honour to work with the pioneers and industry legends that are Yeastie Boys. We've followed their journey for some time and their story is amazing. At the cusp of a wave of a craft beer movement that has really cemented them as one of the most respected out there. They're innovators, collaborators, brew amazing beer and most importantly a bunch of lovely people. It made total sense this was our introduction to a new world.


Bigmouth Remixed was a hit with our Fresh Beer community and it flew off the shelves, going out of stock within days. Kiwi Me, the fruity NZ IPA developed with Yeastie Boys is still available here.

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