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Beat the heat: Brewing in the summer months

In London we’ve had a few days of 20C+ weather which only means one thing - summer is here! We’re not getting ahead of ourselves, are we?

Summer may just be the ideal time to enjoy a nice cold pint of your own freshly brewed beer. However, how will the heat of summer have an impact?

You’ll know that we recommend brewing between 16-25°C. Keeping the temperature stable within this range is just as important as the temperature itself. We wanted to share some insights and tips on how to brew the best beer when the mercury soars.

Brewing in high temperatures

Don’t worry - you’ve nothing to worry about until ambient temperatures get above 25°C indoors. Even then, your beer isn’t going to spoil - there are just a few things to keep in mind as your fermentation can be more vigorous, leading to:


> Faster fermentation times

> Foaming from the Carbonation Dial

> Changes in flavour from ester or higher alcohol production e.g. pear drop, banana, and/or a “hot” alcohol taste.


Sometimes esters might sound nice but higher alcohols generally aren’t. Don’t worry, though, the Pinter ferments beer under pressure and this suppresses them, so Pinter technology has your back. You might want to brew at a cooler temperature for cleaner beers, like our lagers.


Cool Things Down

As long as the temperature where you are brewing is between 16-25°C, then you don’t need to take any extra steps. Here are some things to try if you feel your Pinter is getting too hot:


>Move your Pinter to a cooler area of your house such as a basement, garage or, if you’re really lucky, an air-conditioned room. 

>Keep your Pinter out of direct sunlight.

> Create a cool environment for your Pinter. A simple solution would be having an ice pack on the side, otherwise having a wet towel wrapped around it will keep it from getting too warm. Be sure not to cover the Carbonation Dial; this needs airflow.

Storing Pinter Packs in Summer

As always, keep Pinter packs at room temperature instead of in the fridge. They have a 9-month shelf life when stored this way and are easier to mix. However, try and keep them out of direct sunlight and in a cooler cupboard.


Nothing much should change here - you don’t need your conditioning to be any colder in the summer than you do the winter and regular fridge temperature will be fine - we get it if you want a colder tapping temperature, though! An optimal temperature range for conditioning is 1-4C, however, be careful when turning your fridge temperature down - if it gets below freezing you could damage your Pinter!


Summer brewing times

In the heat, consider sticking to the Minimum brewing times as your beer might not need any extra time to ferment. When it comes to conditioning in the fridge, carry on with our Recommended times if you can. 


Embrace the summer vibes: Recommended styles for hot weather 

Summer is a great time to make refreshing and lighter beer styles that are well-suited for both brewing and enjoying when the weather is hot. Some popular options include:



Hang on, didn’t we just release a brand new lager? Yes, we did. En Casa, our 4.5% Mexican lager is the perfect way to complement some sun! Of course, we can’t forget about Sunlit, our OG lager, when talking about the sun



Tart and fruity, a cider can always cut through the heat. Whole Nine Yards could well be top of your list to relax this summer.


Pale Ales and IPAs

These hop-forward styles offer bright, citrusy flavours and refreshing bitterness and can tolerate slightly higher brewing temperatures. Bigmouth Remixed and Space Hopper West Coast may be exactly what you’re looking for.  

Need a Hand?

Remember, brewing in hotter weather requires a little extra attention to temperature control. By being mindful of these factors and selecting suitable beer styles, you can brew delicious beer and cider even during the hottest months of the year. Cheers to summer brewing!

For additional support, our team of Brewing Advocates and the Customer Support team are always on there to lend a hand.


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