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Celebrating Our First Impact Report

We’re pleased to release our very first Impact Report, Brew with Impact. This report aims to articulate our sustainability milestones, processes and targets for our product, our people, our community and beer. We look at it this way, companies in 2023 have a responsibility to view their output through the lens of minimising environmental impact where at all possible.

"We’re thrilled to release our first Impact Report. It’s a big milestone for us. We are excited to share publicly the work we have undertaken in the last year and also our ambitions in how we will make Pinter the most sustainable way to drink beer at home. We welcome feedback from everyone so we can continue to improve so please let us know what you think and what you would like to see published in the future!" - Jennifer Chong, Chief Operating Officer.


Creating a regenerative future
We all know we cannot just keep taking and taking from the planet. Our circular economy model is a framework for how we view the production of our products. It’s about finding ways to use materials for as long as possible, giving them new life through recycling or repurposing.

The Pinter at its core is a product that’s designed to be used and reused. It’s a new way to enjoy ongoing social moments with beer, and the more it’s used, the more the sustainability benefits are realised.

Goals for the future of our production

  1. Introduce a pouch recycling scheme
  2. Increase Pinter repairability at home
  3. All products and campaigns must launch with an end-of-life scheme

Manufacturing efficiency to reduce our impact
Pinter 3 is our lightest, most durable and most consistent performing product to date. The step change from Pinter 2 to Pinter 3 made huge strides in reducing our impact and it’s one of the areas of efficiency we’re most proud of.

Pinter 3 produces 26% less kg CO2e than Pinter 2 due to:
- 78% less material
- Reduction in packaging by 66%
- Refresh your Pinter scheme recycled 368g aluminium
- Enough recovered plastic to make P3 parts for 282 Pinters.

Goals for the future of manufacturing
We’re committed to:

  1. Only work with partners aligned with our values
  2. Reduce carbon-intensive materials in the Pinter to reduce the carbon footprint of the Pinter by 30%
  3. Offset all carbon emissions from UK deliveries

Reducing the impact of packaging
Moving from bottles to pouches back in December 2022 was an exciting milestone in our mission for continued sustainability and quality. With our Hopper styles, the new format reduces packaging materials by 42%, which is a 79% CO2 emission saving.

In the coming months, we’ll be changing the format of our purifier packaging from bottle to sachet. This is estimated to achieve a 66% reduction in kg CO2e emissions.

When it comes to Pinter 3, the packaging system is 98% paper-based. All of this paper-based packaging is from FSC-accredited suppliers and is biodegradable and recyclable.

Goals for the future of our packaging

  1. Reduce all packaging by 30%
  2. Plastic-free packaging
  3. Pouch recycling scheme

Deep community engagement
We strive to build a business that puts people first - both our internal team and the community of Pinter users.

We have made steps to nurture spaces where conversation in our community can flourish such as our Community Forum and Pinter Fresh Brewer’s Facebook group.

One of the most magnetic aspects of our Pinter journey has been how engaged and energised our community of Pinter users has become. 13% of active customers contribute to company decision-making through Pinter Insiders.

We’ve greatly improved our relationship with the community and have a dedicated member of staff for digital community engagement. We’ve been able to improve Pinter’s Trustpilot score from 2.8 (average) to 4.3 (excellent) in a year. Similar improvements have been made to our Customer satisfaction (CSAT) score which we’ve grown from 3.7 to 4.5 in a year.

Empowering Pinter People
We aim to foster a culture that empowers every member of our community to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns, knowing they will be heard and respected. A place where every individual feels valued, inspired, and equipped to reach their full potential while driving the success and growth of Pinter as a whole.

Representation matters, particularly at the leadership level. 57% of employees in high-ranking positions are female. Overall, 50% of promotions were granted to females during the last year. Having a fair gender distribution is incredibly important at Pinter.

The gender pay gap is another area of focus. The pay gap in 2022 was 24.1% and we've worked to reduce this to 12% in 2023.

Goals for the future of people and community at Pinter

  1. Impact-led rewards/loyalty programme
  2. 10% of the team (including all managers) to be Mental Health First Aid trained
  3. Apprenticeship/insight days/development programmes for underrepresented groups particularly in beer and product development.

For a timeline of future goals and more details about our progress, read the full report below.

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