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Conditioning With Your Pinter

Your Peak Pinter Experience

If you have a Pinter, you'll be familiar with the term conditioning. You know it's a key part of the brewing process, and you know that it takes you one step closer to tapping and tasting your delicious Fresh Beer. But it's one thing to know and another to understand; getting to grips with the conditioning process and what it involves is your ticket to getting the best out of your Pinter.


The conditioning process aids carbonation. One of the Pinter's most impressive innovations is how it speeds this process up, eliminating the need for secondary fermentation by holding on to the CO2 produced while brewing. Taking your Pinter off the Brewing Dock and conditioning in the fridge is where carbonation and clarity come into play.

Constant Conditioning Temperature

Conditioning temperature is important to the colour and clarity of all beers.

Our Fresh Beers and Ciders are designed to condition at 4℃, the average fridge temperature. But if you want to go one step further, keep your Pinter at 1-℃ while conditioning.

Cold Crashing

If your preference is a clear pour, you can help your Pinter along by cold crashing. As long as your fridge allows. For the first 24 hours, condition in the standing position with the Brewing Dock attached. Then detach your Pinter and condition horizontally as usual.

The cold temperature helps with clarity, encouraging spent yeast to drop out of the Pinter and into the Brewing Dock before it's detached.

Conditioning Times are Unique for Every Fresh Beer

One size doesn't fit all; the same principle goes for Fresh Brewing. Each Fresh Beer and Cider is different and requires varying time scales to achieve the perfect drink. Ciders are typically quicker as a rule of thumb: it's easier for them to ferment sugars, and faster-acting yeast also helps.


Patience is a virtue. Trying to resist tapping delicious Fresh Beer is tough, but conditioning for longer gives you a more developed flavour, if that's your preference.

Do not disturb: when conditioning, try to keep your Pinter as still as possible. This will allow the yeast to settle.

As cold as ice. When cold crashing, make sure the fridge isn't too cold, or you could have a Fresh Beer slushy.

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