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Fresh New Packaging

Our new Fresh Press packaging is an exciting milestone in our mission for continued sustainability and quality. We've developed the pouch to deliver you the best experience yet.

Find out more about the new packaging below. You can also hear from Ralph, CEO of Pinter about the new format.

Why have you moved to a pouch format?
We’re continuously looking for ways to improve your experience, the quality of our Fresh Beer and reduce our impact on the planet.

The squeezable pouch means you can empty the entire Fresh Press into your Pinter with ease.

The new design also uses 84% less packaging material than bottles. In production, 60% fewer greenhouse gases are emitted and 75% less water is used. The CO2 emissions in shipping are also cut by over 80%.

The new yeast sachet improves the health and physiology of the yeast you use to ferment your beer. It’ll allow greater purging of oxygen (the enemy of yeast and beer), so the yeast is more able to handle the conditions inside the Pinter. This boosts the reliability of fermentation and consistency of your final beer.

How will I use the new packaging?
The pouch is very simple to use. Simply cut the corner where the cut line is and empty the Fresh Press into your Pinter in line with the instructions. To completely empty the pouch, you can roll the bottom up as you would another sachet or pouch. The Hopper packaging will remain the same.

How do I store the Fresh Press?
In a cool dry place. No need to store them in the fridge.

Does it still come in a Pinter Pack?
Yes, your Pinter Pack will continue to include:

  • Fresh Press
  • Purifier
  • Yeast
  • Hopper (if applicable)

Are all styles in the pouch now?
You’ll start to see pouches in the next few weeks. To reduce waste, we’re using up our bottles first. So you may receive bottles and pouches for a short period of time.

Will the packaging show the brewing times?
You can find the brewing times by scanning the QR code on the Fresh Press or by visiting the individual Fresh Beer page on our website.

Does it impact brewing times?
No, the new packaging will not affect your brewing times. Please continue to brew with the times for each individual Fresh Beer.

Does it impact the taste of the beer?
No, the new pouch will not make the final product taste any different but will ensure improved consistency across all batches. Our Brewing Development team are continuously improving our recipes to make them the best they can be. As part of moving to pouches, we’ve taken the opportunity to make some small improvements to some of the range.

How will I tell which Fresh Press is which?
The pouch will have a label with the name of the Fresh Beer style.

Can I recycle the pouch?
Although the pouch reduces the packaging by 84%, the pouch is not currently recyclable. We’re working on a recyclable version which we’ll be launching next year.

The pouch introduces an even more streamlined process for brewing quality Fresh Beer at home. We hope you're as excited as us and we look forward to hearing your feedback over the next few weeks.

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