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Hazy Beers


Haze is more common in Fresh Beer because unlike commercial beers that are subject to aggressive filtering processes and chemical treatments, Fresh Brewing with the Pinter uses the forces of gravity and cooling temperatures to settle and remove fine particles from the beer.

Years of marketing by global brands has meant that the projected expectation is that perfectly clear beer means the best beer, which is not the case.

Haze adds flavour and is the preference for many craft beer drinkers, leading to the explosion of hazy beers on the craft scene over the last few years. We choose not to aggressively filter our beers in the Fresh Brewing process, because not doing so preserves the incredible flavour that makes our beers multi award-winning. Definitely worth a little haze.

Having said this, if you’d like to achieve more clarity in your Fresh Beer, below are some tips to help get you there.


I prefer to increase clarity - how do I do that?

Fresh Brewing is brilliantly straightforward, but there is still a process that needs to be followed.

  1. Condition for longer

Conditioning for the longer times listed on the back of your Fresh Press bottle will usually increase the clarity of your drink. If you tap and you are not satisfied with the clarity, return the carbonation dial to CARBONATED, and leave it for an extra day or two.


  1. Lower the conditioning temperature

The rate at which particles settle during the conditioning phase is increased at lower temperatures. To get better results and a clearer drink, consider changing the temperature of your fridge. Ideal conditioning temperature should sit at around 1C, you can then turn it back for serving. Be mindful that a very full fridge can prevent your fridge from getting cold enough too.


  1. Minimise disturbance when brewing

Try to minimise movement of the Pinter from the beginning of the Conditioning stage. We also recommend tapping from the fridge. If this is not possible, be very careful when moving it and consider leaving your Pinter for an hour to settle before you pour, the beer will stay cold for several hours at room temperature.


  1. Release the pressure a day early

You may notice that your first pour is always the haziest. This is because the first turn of the carbonation dial to OFF is the most explosive, and the rush of pressure can cause the settled particles to re-enter the drink. To avoid this, gently open the dial to release some pressure the day before you plan to tap. This means the next turn won’t be so explosive, and your first pour will be less hazy. Just remember to turn it all the way back to CARBONATED so it doesn’t lose its fizz.


  1. Take notes on your Fresh Beer

Consider tracking your brewing times and actions to see what works best for you and your preferences. If you haven’t already, check out the Tips & Tricks section of the website for a steer on using the Pinter.

Don’t forget, Fresh Brewing is a collaboration, and our team is on hand 7 days a week to help you achieve the perfect pint - for you. If you need any further advice don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.


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