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Hosting a World Cup from home

It’s just around the corner, but whilst football is happening in the desert, we’ve got our first World Cup winter. It may feel a bit unusual, but here at Pinter we think that a Winter World Cup gives our community a great opportunity, a World Cup at home with your Pinter (taking your Pinter to the pub may be frowned upon, sadly!). This is the first time we can really have a cosy World Cup. No pub beer gardens for us please. We can support the team during the World Cup from home, and what’s more, with Pinter you can be the host with the most. 

All the home comforts, not having to take out a small loan for a round of drinks, and unlike Messi, you can do it on a cold, wet night in Stoke. For the next month, we’ll be switching off Game of Thrones and turning on the Game of Throw-Ins.

To make sure you feel like the gaffer when hosting, we have four tips for you to get your tactics right:

1. Have Footy Scran On Hand

Or in other words, what are people going to chow down on whilst supporting their team? A Multinational World Cup gives you licence to try cuisine from all over the world. From Vindaloo (na na) to the safer options of nachos and chicken wings, you could ask your guests to each bring a different food from a chosen nation. 

Half time snacks are a must, gone are the days of just an orange slice at half time. We’re not talking about a three course sit down meal, but the perfect way to host is with picky bits that are easy to eat with one hand, whilst Fresh Beer is in the other, back of the net.

If you’re fancying a bit of a football theme, you could serve pie and peas – the traditional food of football matches up and down the country. Want to take it to the next level? Why not use the trub from your Pinter Beers to make your own bread? Click here to see YouTube channel Travel and Brews, play a blinder and make their own.

2. Show Your Colours

When hosting football behind closed doors, you’ll want to get the look right. We’re not talking a 6 foot Gareth Southgate cutout, but decorations can really enhance the atmosphere and bring a bit of the excitement and spectacle of games into your home. Why not deck out the room with some flags of the teams competing, maybe even getting people to wear the colours of the teams playing.

What better way to keep everyone up to date with the tournament than using a Pinter World Cup Calendar, not only can you fill in all the scores up to this point, it will even give you a little reminder about when you need to start brewing for the next stages.

3. Soak Up The Atmosphere

Everyone loves a little chance, and the World Cup offers a great way for everyone to get in on the action. Why not take a sweepstake in the lead-up to get everyone in the spirit?

There’s plenty of football tunes to play, from World Cups of old (Shakira’s Waka Waka or K'naan’s Wavin' Flag are particular favourites) or the songs that support your favoured nation. Always privy to a bit of Three Lions for the English fans and some renditions of Don’t Take Me Home for Wales for example.

4. Bring Fresh Beer Home

Finally (and most importantly if we say so ourselves) football from home cannot go ahead without Fresh Beer, the football gods wouldn’t allow it. Having Fresh Beer on tap for guests from your Pinter brings together the fresh beer of a taproom and the ease and comfort of your home.

Why not try out our hat-trick of World Cup bundles, each containing two brewer picked beers, two glasses, a limited edition community made Pinter button and a World Cup match calendar. Whether you choose the Home Nations Bundle, the Winter Worldies Bundle or even the Big Game Players Bundle. Whatever you have now, make sure you substitute it for Fresh Beer.

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