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How to make Fresh Beer

Check out the video to see how to brew Fresh Beer with Pinter

Brewing in a Pinter

Simply put, brewing beer has two stages: fermentation and conditioning.

Our Fresh Presses contain all the ingredients to make beer: grain, hops, and yeast. Fermentation is when you mix your Fresh Press with water and leave it to ferment at a warm temperature. 

During this stage, the yeast consumes the sugars, which creates alcohol.

Conditioning is how beer gets carbonated and when the flavours start developing. Carbonation takes place in a cold, airtight environment.

Pinter is the simplest way to brew 10 pints of Fresh Beer and Cider at home. The whole process takes place in one machine. 

The video above shows you each step of the process. The instructions on our app will take you through each step of the process. You can make incredible beer from your first use. 

Step 1 - Purify

Essential to good fermentation, the first step is to purify your Pinter. Empty the purifying powder from your Pinter Pack into the Pinter, add warm tap water, shake and tip out.

Step 2 - Brew

Scan the QR code on the Pinter Pack with your smartphone for the brewing times and instructions.

Fill your Pinter with warm tap water up to the fill line. Squeeze your Fresh Press into the Pinter, add your yeast and shake.

Then place your Pinter onto the brewing dock and leave it in a warm spot for a few days according to the brewing times. 

Some of our styles come with Hoppers. This patented technology lets you freshly add hops to your beer for unparalleled flavour. At the end of the brewing stage, it’s time to add the hop oil (as shown in the video).

Step 3 - Condition

Twist your Pinter off the brewing dock (where all of the spent yeast ends up) and pop it in the fridge to condition. 

Wait a few days, according to the brewing times.

Step 4 - Enjoy

Now it’s time to tap your Fresh Beer straight from the fridge! You can control your pour with the tap to get your perfect serve. 


Pinter Fresh Beer will keep fresh in your fridge for up to 30 days.


Deep Grey Pinter and Fresh Beer
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