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World Cup Home Bar Guide

Over-the-top or a stroke of genius; could home bars be the way forward for this World Cup? With sweet memories of beer gardens becoming distant fantasies; cosy home bars are on our minds. Maybe they’ll give us a way to enjoy the perks of the pub while tucking up at home this winter.

Is a home bar worth it?

Obviously, it’s not a bare necessity, but here are 5 reasons to set one up:

1. Worth its weight in hops

Pulling together a really cool (and at short notice) home bar can be achieved on a budget. We’ve seen some impressive DIY setups from our community. Just think, no jaw-clenching bar tab at the end of the night. No £6 pints. You could end up saving money by creating your own set-up at home.

2. You’re in charge

There’s no way this bar won’t stock your favourite drinks (some even made by you!). Also, you can make your own special concoctions - judgement free. Who’s gonna stop you?

3. No last call!

“Get outta my pub” are not words you’ll be hearing unless you’re the one screaming it at the end of the night in your best Peggy Mitchell voice. Keep the party going as long as you want.

4. No unwanted company
It’s your house, so you say who comes through the door and you bet they’ll be sporting the right colours!

5. Bragging rights
What better way to host an epic World Cup gathering than with an impressive home bar set up? Check out our World Cup Hosting Guide for tips on dazzling your mates with your hospitality.

Inspiration from the community
These are some of the top-notch home bars our community have set up in their homes and gardens:


What you’ll need

Make space
Whether a 4x3m state-of-the-art pergola complete with patio heater or a humble (yet well-stocked) bar cart stowed under the stairs. A bit of space to dedicate your bar to is all you need to get started.

On this occasion, it’s probably best to set up near the TV so you and your guests don’t miss any World Cup action (or just bring the TV to your spot!).

Make sure there are enough and make sure it’s the right kind for what you’ll be drinking. We bet many of you will be drinking Fresh Beer so break out your Pinter Fresh Beer glasses and enjoy!

While a heavy-handed pour is some people's cup of tea, certain drinks require a certain level of accuracy. A jigger (double-ended shot measuring cup) will help with this. It also ensures your guests don’t get too carried away with your bottles!

Ice / Fridge / Cooler
No one likes a warm bev. Whatever your bar is stocked with make sure you’re keeping it cool. One way to keep your Pinter cool, if it’s going to be kept out of the fridge, is to lay a cold damp towel or cloth over it. When moisture from the towel evaporates it’ll take some of that thermal energy with it for chilled pints all night long.

Pinter and Co-Pinter
Make enough for friends, and use our calendar from our hosting bundles to see when you should start brewing for different matches. For an abundance of Fresh Beer consider getting a Co-Pinter so that you don’t have to wait til the last drop’s been drunk from your Pinter to start the next brew. Fresh Beer Club subscribers get £20 off a Co-Pinters, subscribe to get your code.

Help with hosting
Now you know how to set up your very own home bar. You’re well on your way to hosting a roaring World Cup gathering.

The easiest way to plan your busy footie-watching schedule is to get an all-in-one bundle of specially selected Fresh Beer, a community-made World Cup button and the all-important calendar. We’ve got three extra special hosting bundles available. Choose from: Home Nations Bundle, the Winter Worldies Bundle or even the Big Name Players Bundle.

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