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It's in the yeast

Sweet, sweet yeast. A microscopic, single-celled organism which reproduces by budding, and is capable of converting fermentable sugars into Carbon Dioxide and alcohol.  As a fungus, yeast is perhaps not the most glamorous of the four ingredients in beer, (can you name the other three?), but it’s certainly the most important. Fermentation is everything in the production of Fresh Beer. Without it, you can’t really call a beer, beer, which you can see by this definition. And without yeast, fermentation cannot take place. Do you see where we’re going here? Good quality yeast is essential for a healthy fermentation and high quality Fresh Beer.

We wanted to reformat our yeast packaging to further improve the Pinter brewing experience, leading to a new, innovative way of providing our community with the best possible yeast for their Fresh Beer production. A big part of the new packaging is that the yeast sachet is a lot easier to purge of oxygen, leading to an extremely low oxygen environment, meaning that the yeast is in more favourable conditions for a future healthy fermentation. 

The viability of the yeast, which is the percentage of live yeast cells in a given population, and yeast vitality, which is the activity and metabolism of the cell and is intrinsically linked to fermentation performance, have both been improved with this new packaging format. 

There are many reasons for our change in packaging format, including more environmentally friendly materials and offering a better user experience, but the main reason for the change is to offer a higher quality Fresh Press, which now has a longer shelf life as well of 9 months. As part of improving our packaging format, we now have four different yeasts which will come with your Fresh Press. These four are:

Loyalty - a mild english ale strain designed to accentuate malt or hop forward beers.

Balance - a delicate lager/ale hybrid strain that brews refreshing light beers.

Rise - a super flavourful and high ester strain designed for wheat and belgian beers.

Vigour - a fast fermenting cider strain.

Spark - a strain designed especially for lagers that produces very clean and crisp flavour characteristics over a wide range of fermentation temperatures.

With the new format of our yeast, you’ll now know which yeast is paired with each Fresh Press, all in the hope of offering our community a better Fresh Brewing experience! 

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