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Mixing Your Fresh Presses

We’re focused on delivering great quality products and as part of this we have made some adjustments to our Fresh Press consistency (the thickness). You’ll know that when making Fresh Beer, keeping the environment clean and sterile is essential to produce consistently good results. Fresh Presses are made in a highly sterile and controlled environment.

We want to do more to further decrease the chance of any contamination and protect against possible bacterial infection. This is why Fresh Presses will now have a higher viscosity (thicker consistency). Due to less water in the pouch, there is a less hospitable environment for any contaminants.

The recipes haven’t changed, they are simply more concentrated. This means you may notice a thicker consistency but the same great flavour that you enjoy now will remain.

Mixing Matters

Our Fresh Presses contain sugar, hops, and malted extract. When you add these to yeast and water you kick off a biochemical reaction called fermentation. The yeast is going to start consuming the sugars and create alcohol, carbon dioxide, and various flavour compounds.

It's important to ensure your Fresh Press is fully mixed so that you achieve the desired flavour and overall ABV for your beer or cider.

Mixing Time

We recommend that you shake your Pinter vigorously for 60 seconds. This will be sufficient to fully mix the Fresh Press into the water (cold, but not chilled water is recommended). 

Mixing Techniques

Shake your Pinter vigorously to mix the Fresh Press with water and yeast. Shake left to right and up and down to ensure everything is well mixed for a combined 60 seconds.. 

We’ve heard the community talking about mixing in a jug or bottle before adding to their Pinter. We want you to do what works for you, however please note that using any other equipment such as jugs, spoons, and whisks can potentially contaminate your ingredients if not properly sanitised - wooden spoons are not recommended for safety and sanitation reasons. We would recommend you to stick to shaking like our Brewing Development team does. 

If you see some of the Fresh Press syrup when you undock, this is because of incomplete mixing. If it’s only a small amount, please do not worry as this won’t notably affect the end product when tapping.

Another factor that will make mixing straightforward is keeping your Pinter Packs at room temperature and using cold, but not chilled water. Fresh Presses do not need to be kept in the fridge and have a 9-month shelf life at room temperature.

For more tips on brewing, check out our Brewing With Confidence - Discover Our Insights blog.

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