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Our guide to Hosting a Festive Tasting Party

'Tis the season for cheers and beers! Whether you're a beer buff or just love a good time, we've got your ticket to hosting the ultimate Fresh Beer tasting event with your Pinter. Your Pinter was made for moments like this, so sit back, share and sip the magic of a festive beer that you’ve crafted. Then gloat continuously.

In this guide, we'll sprinkle a dash of holiday magic on decor, games, and beer pairings, ensuring your gathering is the talk of the town.

Time to Pair-ty:

Beer and food just work well together! Beers have all sorts of flavours that can jazz up or balance out the taste of your food. The bubbly carbonation in beer helps cleanse your palate, and it's great to have a cold beer with warm food. The contrast between the bitterness in some beers and the richness of certain foods is a winner. It's just a great combo that people enjoy in their own way. We’ve got some tips below for you to follow.

Jingle Bell Jams & Cheese Mingle:

Pair a Naughty ‘N’ Spiced with holiday jams and a cheese platter for festive cheer. This is because rich and malty flavours complement the creamy and savoury characteristics of many cheeses. Plus, everyone wants to bring out the cheese and dark beers as the nights get colder.

Dessert-Beer Dance:

Mix it up by pairing beers like Brewgooder, with holiday desserts. A gingerbread man + hazy pale ale? The haziness gives it a smooth feel that just amps up the richness of the whole dessert experience. It's not too sweet itself, and the bit of bitterness in the beer keeps the desserts from getting too sugary. Plus, it's light and fizzy, so it cleans your palate between bites of those delicious treats. It's a flavour dance!

For some festive recipes, check out Day 2 of Freshmas here.

Brew-tiful Ambience:

Twinkle Twinkle Beer Lights:

Amp up the ambiance with fairy lights everywhere – tables, chairs, and even Uncle Bob if he's up for it. 

Deck the Hops:

DIY hop cone garlands and beer-themed ornaments for a festive touch. Santa's workshop, but make it beer-chic!

Now you’re Coasting:

Personalised beer coasters for each guest. Let creativity flow – markers in hand, and bottoms up!

Ale & Amusements:

Tipsy Trivia:

Test beer knowledge with a round of Tipsy Trivia. Wrong answers mean sips – knowledge has never been so refreshing.

Blind Beerfold Challenge:

Blindfolded beer tasting – because identifying your fave Pinter Fresh Beer with closed eyes is the holiday challenge we all need.

Final Toast:

So, cheers to a legendary holiday tasting session! Twinkling lights, beer-inspired decor, and Fresh Beer that will have everyone talking – your Pinter Tasting is set to be the highlight of the season. Grab your Santa hat, raise a glass, and let the festive fun flow like a North Pole beer tap! Here's to a hoppin' holiday season! 🍻🎄

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