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Out Of Office Lager: The Journey Continues

The out of office is on and you’re getting thirsty. Well almost, anyway. It might still be early Spring but that doesn’t mean we’re not thinking about the holidays and you can already taste that first beer, can’t you.

The sun is thawing you out after months of enduring the chilly British weather. The sun melting away the stress. The blue sea lapping over the warm sand. And a fresh, ice-cold lager is handed to you. It’s like you’ve been passed the Jules Rimet or the Ashes urn. You raise it triumphantly to your lip and take a deep gulp. Nothing compares to that first glass of lager on a warm day, and we all know that holiday beers are the best in the world.

That inspired us to brew our own perfect version of the beers we love to drink on our holidays. Made with golden British barley which give a smooth and toasty depth, plus Czech Saaz hops which are lightly spicy and give the beer a clean and crisp bitterness, and a lasting quench of refreshment. Like every great lager this one takes a little long to brew, but it’s worth the wait as those extra days give that easy-drinking freshness that we all know and love of a classic lager.

So we say Salute! Salud! Yamas! or just a good ol’ Cheers! as we raise our own golden lager, sit back, daydream of holidays, and let this beer take you wherever you want to go.

Maybe it’s the Greek lager you enjoyed staring out at the Mediterranean. The Italian lager you had with the best pasta you’ve ever eaten. An ice-cold Spanish brew in the beach bar. This beer is all of those beers. The smooth malt of the Greek lager, the Saaz hoppiness of the Italian lager, the crispness of the Spanish beer, and the refreshment they all share. It’s a celebration of all those lagers, and all the great memories they’ve brought us.

It’s the ultimate everyday beer, a beer from everywhere, and a beer to take you anywhere you want to go from the comfort of your sofa, and all within arm’s reach of your Pinter.


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