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Pinter 2 Fresh Beers

It’s been a year in the making; a year of development and design, down to the very last detail. We’re proud to give you Pinter 2, and can’t wait for you to finally see, feel, and experience the future of Fresh Beer.

But nothing goes better with a brand-new Pinter than brand-new Fresh Beer. And our Brewing Team have really outdone themselves this time, working tirelessly to create four fresh figures to add to our range of Fresh Beers and Ciders. Developed exclusively for and launching hand-in-hand with Pinter 2, the talent that went into each of them is tangible with every taste.


Tropical Debate - NEIPA

NEIPAs (New England IPAs) have become increasingly popular in recent years, and it isn’t hard to see why with Tropical Debate. Transporting you to a tropical paradise from the first sip, you’ll want to make room for this fruity fresh boom. A crushable pale ale, this Fresh Beer comes in at 5.6%, and comes to you laden with heaps of tangerine, guava, and stone fruit.

“A hop bomb if there’s ever been one” - Andy (Innovation Brewer)

We’d seen a fair few requests for a NEIPA from the Fresh Beer Community, and with Pinter 2 opening the doors to dry-hopping, a basic necessity for NEIPAs, Tropical Debate was first on the future Fresh Beer list for P2.

As a favourite style of our Innovation Brewing team, fine-tuning the hop ratios and pairings to find the perfect flavour profile was essential; and well-achieved, if we do say so ourselves.

Dry-hopping with Citra and Galaxy hops gives a refreshing lift of citrus to the inherently apparent, ester-rich Vermont yeast in the body. Refreshing, citrusy, rounded out by luscious British malt for a pillowy mouthfeel; we predict Tropical Debate will fast become a popular tropic in the world of Fresh Beer.

German Pilsner feat. Saaz hops

Haus of Hops – Lager

Welcome to the Haus of Hops and put your hands together for this exceptional German Pils. Although it hangs out with the other Lagers and Pilsners at Fresh Beer family functions, Haus of Hops is really in a league of its own. Golden, crisp, beautifully balanced; the classic characteristics of German Pilsner are all there. And then in walks another world-first: the Hopper. Our latest innovation invites Nelson Sauvin hops to this Pils’ party as a more than welcome plus-one; hopping all the way from New Zealand to here, its hop character brings soft touches of grape and subtle stone fruit flavour as a bonus to this Fresh Beer.

A cold pint of Pilsner is the perfect partner for seafood and shellfish dishes. Traditionally light and refreshing, it’s one of the most popular styles of beer throughout Europe. This one has a bit of a kick, though: at 5.6% ABV, it’s our strongest Lager so far.

Putting a modern twist on perennial German Pilsner; it has to be Haus of Hops. Pils sir, I want some more.

Blackhorse Road Hopped Cider

Hopped Fresh Cider wasn’t on our radar until Andy, our Innovation Brewer, brought

some for the team to sample at a Pinter 2 meeting. And that was all it took to convince everyone that launching a hopped Fresh Cider with Pinter 2 was the way to go.

At 5.2%, Blackhorse Road is our highest ABV cider yet, and it brings the best of both worlds. The fusion of bittersweet apple notes and floral, grassy hop-greenness may not be what you were expecting from a Fresh Cider; but, hinting at notes of grapefruit, the smooth bitterness of these US-based hops proves a perfect support for the juicy, plump, and tart flavours most of us consider the usual suspects of cider. The perfect balance: fresh from Blackhorse Road.

This Hopped Cider is seriously well-suited to either camembert or brie cheese. Perfect for pouring all year round, but particularly in winter weather.

You’ll find Pinter HQ on Blackhorse Road. It’s where we’ve grown as a business over the last year, and we’ve been wanting to pay tribute to that for some time. Launching Blackhorse Road alongside Pinter 2 felt right.

Stonebridge Dry-Hopped Belgian Ale

For a while now we’ve wanted to run with this one.

With countless man-hours poured into developing the perfect recipe, this Fresh Press project’s been a long time coming. And we’ve been waiting for the right time to show it to you.

Well, we feel the time is now: without further ado, we give you Stonebridge Dry-Hopped Belgian Ale.

“A Hoppy Belgian Ale is born”

Never stingy with taste and sensation, hopped Belgian beers are known for their intriguingly complex and multidimensional flavour profiles. The same is true of Stonebridge.

Chinook and Citra hops meet in this Belgian big hitter, but rather than clashing, they keep each other in check. Starting with a biscuity, medium body and creamy malt mouthfeel, robust herbal, smoky, and piney notes from Chinook then come together with the intense flavours and aromas of citrus and sweet fruits of Citra; at 6.2% ABV, you’re in for a wild yet deftly balanced ride.

Innovation Brewer Jason suggests pairing Stonebridge Dry-Hopped Belgian Ale with sharp cheddar cheese and a crisp slice of apple.

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