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Pinter Co-founders' Passion for Community Experiences

Pinter Co-founders, Ralph and Alex, have always had a passion for creating memorable experiences for customers. You may not know that this started when they used to run the award-winning Y Not Festival. This passion has been brought to Pinter, where providing exceptional customer experience is an area we focus on constantly.

Our collaboration with Signature Brew has bought to light a remarkable connection between beer and music that’s ingrained in what we do. As a company, we are dedicated to making Fresh Beer accessible to as many people as possible and we also know that the experience of live music and beer go hand in hand. It's no coincidence that music venues and events across the world feature both as key elements of the experience. They're truly a match made in heaven.

Y Not Festival hosted some of the most exciting musical talent in the country. For over a decade, the award-winning festival welcomed thousands of fans with the slogan: Small, Fresh and Loud. From Snoop Dogg, Noel Gallagher, Madness and The 1975, festival go-ers were ensured a good time. It was even awarded the UK Festival Award for Grass Roots Festival (2011), Best Small Festival (2012), Best Medium-Sized Festival (2015), and perhaps most impressively Award for Best Toilets (2011).

Ralph tells us how the festival came about

“When I was 18, my Mum and Dad said they were going on holiday, leaving me at home alone for the first time. I duly took the opportunity to invite the whole of the sixth form to a secret house party in their absence. It would have been an absolute disaster -  thankfully (with hindsight) they cancelled the holiday which meant the party couldn't happen at our house. 

I couldn't take the social embarrassment of cancelling. So everyone in the year chipped in £3 and hired a quarry down the road. We had a 2-day party and it was legendary. Everyone bought their own drinks and 3 bands and 2 DJs from school played. The next year I went off to university but I formed this into a business - it became Y Not Festival. 

By 2016 this first venture would grow to become one of the biggest independent festival groups (Count of Ten Group) with 7 festivals, 25 full-time and 300 part-time staff all by the time I was 28. It was born out of a single house party, which would grow to become a 30,000-person festival. I didn't set out to do that but I had the most incredible 10 years and built a truly amazing team of people. 

Back in 2014, with the festival growing each year, one thing remained consistent, we kept an intimate relationship with our fans, always focusing on them and the music and keep things fresh and exciting."

Whether it's festival fans or Fresh Beer aficionados, Ralph and Alex keep the community at the heart of what they do.

Building a stage for craftsmanship

Our collaboration with Signature Brew to create Roadie Remixed, is just the latest example of our commitment to innovation and quality. By tapping into the expertise of other breweries, we are expanding our reach beyond our own beer and creating a unique platform for other creators and craftsmen. 

We hope you'll join us on this journey as we continue to explore the potential of collaborations and push the boundaries of what's possible. Try Roadie Remixed here.

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