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Sharing Fresh Beer this December

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, ‘tisn’t the time to be stingy. Whether at home with family and friends or doing the cross-country slog to your in-law’s, bring the Fresh Beer and become the life and soul of the party this December. Here are some tips to have a top-notch Christmas; consider it an early present from us here at Pinter.


Pairing Tips

At this time of year, there’s more than pigs in blankets and stuffing for pairing with your Fresh Beer.  Keep reading to discover the perfect match that lifts each of our Winter Beers to seasonal stardom and brings out their best. 


Bavarian Rhapsody

Oozing with bready, toasty richness, this Dunkel is a perfect partner for December nights spent munching on cheese.   The rich, buttery flavours of aged Gruyère work in harmony with this Fresh Beer’s toasty flavours in particular. If you’re looking to match it with a meal, there’s always  traditional turkey. But to really showcase its flavours, serve the caramel malt and light roast sweetness of our Dunkel with sweet and savory BBQ pulled pork, roasted meat, or game of all kinds. Even better, pair this style with recipes normally accompanied by a fruit-based sauce for a full aromatic rhapsody.


Dark Matter

Dark, sweet, full-bodied, and slightly roasty. With coffee-like roasted barley, malt aromas, and a hint of chocolate, this ale adds a touch of the sublime to your end-of-year celebrations. This Fresh Beer also calls for cheese to both contrast and complement each other's flavour; a mellow blue like Stilton is strong enough to share the spotlight with this Stout. But Dark Matter also brings out the best in more substantial meals, especially hearty winter dishes such as stew, beef, or venison. But it doesn’t stop at savoury. You’ll see it shine just as well alongside fruity desserts, like blackberry custard tarts.


Waltham Forest

This Dark Fruit Cider is a perfect combination of apples and blackcurrants, creating a strong aromatic character that’s fresh yet robustly fruity. Beautiful hints of citrus bring a clean crispness to Waltham Forest, coupling well with classic British cheeses: think cheddar, Cheshire, and Caerphilly. Unlike Bavarian Rhapsody and Dark Matter, this one’s right at home when having poultry dishes featuring creamier sauces. If you’re just looking to graze, cold cuts, pork pies and scotch eggs will suit the taste of this Dark Fruit Cider excellently.


Christmas on the move

Seeing and spending time with friends, family, and those you love is what really makes Christmas. Whether catching a train or driving home, if you’re planning on bringing cheer with Fresh Beer it means your Pinter will be travelling too. Just don’t Fresh Beer and drive. Fresh Beer’s better when left undisturbed; so, to make sure you tap into the best this Christmas, we’ve put together a few tips to help make your Freshmas fuss-free.

 Keep your Pinter on an even keel

The ideal conditions for conditioning the Pinter is absolutely no movement, but if you do need to move it around then keeping it as horizontal as possible is the way to go. Transporting via car will be the best way to go, but make sure to mind the speed bumps.


Protect the tap

One key thing to consider is the tap when travelling. With bags sloshing around in the back there is always a possibility that they knock and dislodge the tap. Unless you want Fresh Beer smelling presents and less to drink you may want to cover the tap with padding, whether it is a bit of bubble wrap or cardboard.


Get there early

No one wants to turn up too early to the party, but the longer you can leave your full Pinter in the fridge to settle, the better. Our recommendation is to let it sit as soon as you get to the party and even though it may be tempting, don’t tap too early


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