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The Flavour Games

Tonnes (ok not tonnes, but lots) of research. Testing. Calculations. They all go into every new style we create for your Pinter. Why? To make sure you get the best brew every time. 

Every new brew we add to our roster takes between 3-6 months of obsession to perfect. Let's take our Out of Office lager, House Pale Ale, or Space Hopper IPA. They're a great bet if you know what you like and want to make more of it. 

Like stout? Try Dark Matter. And our Waltham Forest cider is for those of you that love a fruity, crisp summer drink. 

We’re always keen to improve our offering. But we’re also confident we’ve got an alternative for your go-to pub pint amongst these options. 

Now, lessav' some fun.

Before we even try a new brew, we’ll look at the Beer Judge Certification Programme. It’s a list of all the certified styles globally and is a great source of inspiration. 

Once we’ve decided which style we’re going to try, the fun begins. We'll order a selection of different brews (be it lager, ale or cider). These will have come to life under a specific set of guidelines. We'll then set about trying them all. (Tough gig. But someone has to do it.) This gives us an idea of the taste and how the ingredients work together. 

From there, we start experimenting. We’ll have several Pinters on the go at one time. We'll test different ingredient levels, fermentation, and conditioning times. We'll rinse and repeat, and soldier on until we land on one that's nailed the brief. 

We then stress-test it. We do everything we could possibly do ‘wrong’. This helps us work out what can go wrong in the brewing process and how different variables affect it, so the process we end up sharing with you helps avoid a bad brew. Only once we’ve ironed out all the variables do we share our newest style with you at home.

We have a variety of different fresh beers available to order. We offer a range depending on the season and what goes down best with our brewers at home. We’re proud of the selection we’ve created. You can find our flavour maps on the site here. Whether you’re a seasoned brewer or it’s your first go, you'll find something to launch your rocket.

You can stay in your comfort zone, and pick one close to what you already know you love, or go wild and choose the opposite. 

We recommend Bavarian Rhapsody if you want a twist on your lager. Or, Blackhorse Road, if you want a cider that packs a punch. 

If you’ve brewed a House Pale Ale, why not try Lost in Translation to mix up your repertoire?

We can’t wait to see your next fresh beer.

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