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The Hopper

Redesigned from the base up, Pinter 2 is packing some serious innovation, with never-seen-before features and world-first technology. But the one we’re most proud of is the most ground breaking, the Hopper.

For the first time ever, freshly-hopped beer at home isn’t just a pipe dream. Compatible with Pinter 2 and available as a range of Pinter 2 exclusive, the patent-pending Hopper adds extra hops to the Fresh Beer inside the Pinter at pressure after fermentation. Hopping here at the optimum point in the brewing process, without losing any of the naturally produced CO2 inside the Pinter, this hop shot opens the door to maximum flavour and maximum freshness. It’s Fresh Beer to the max.

The hop aroma and flavour mellows during fermentation. By Hopping again post-fermentation, the Hopper opens up never-seen-before hopportunities (we couldn’t resist) to take Fresh Beer even further. But this freshly-hopped breakthrough belongs exclusively to the Pinter 2 range of Hopper Fresh Beers. They sit alongside our Classic range - available for Pinter 1 and Pinter 2.

Hopping. Defined.

Hopping (or dry-hopping) in beer production boils down to adding more hops later on in the brewing process. There’s more than one way to do this, though. We picked secondary fermentation for Pinter 2, where Fresh Beer is infused with hops post-fermentation, but pre-conditioning.

The first ferment is when most of beer’s carbonation and alcohol is created, with flavour and character settling and setting up for the perfect taste and pour as it conditions.

New Fresh Beers

Pinter 2 didn’t launch alone. Four new Fresh Beers featured alongside, all with their own Hopper. These Fresh Press newcomers still come in Pinter Packs with everything you need to make Fresh Beer; except they’ll also have a Hopper with your extra hops. You know the drill. Your Fresh Brewing process stays the same, save an extra step between fermentation and conditioning for you to freshly-hop your beer.

The Hopper Fresh Beer range is here. Have a look through your new Fresh Beer favourites.

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