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The Pinter and Jiddler's Tipple


If you haven’t heard about Jiddler’s Tipple yet, you’re in luck as we’re about to tell you all about this up and coming beer brand from North London. Back in 2021 at Brew London, our Managing Director, Adam met Jacob Liddle, the founder and creator of Jiddler’s Tipple. He also discovered Jacob’s connection to Pinter and how he used the Pinter to help start up his new craft beer brand. We chatted to him about his journey from home brewing, Pinter brewing and to then going full-time on Jiddler’s Tipple. 


Hey Jacob, can you introduce yourself?

Hey my name is Jacob Liddle, I’m the Jiddler and founder of Jiddler's Tipple. I live in Turnpike Lane, North London.


Can you tell us about your business and how it all began?

I run an award winning beer business in North London. My beers are a bit lower in abv, but big in flavour. They’re wrapped in vintage shirt patterns from my wardrobe and are also Carbon Positive.

I discovered homebrewing in 2017, like all good things, it happened in a pub. I got chatting to someone who told me about a shared homebrew space called UBrew in Bermondsey and thought I’d give it a try. 

I’ve always loved food and drink and have been cooking from the age of 8 or 9. I love the experience of seeing people enjoy a culinary delight that I've created. On top of this, I have a background in science having studied Mechanical Engineering at University. Brewing is the perfect mix of art and science. When I discovered how scientific the process of brewing is while also allowing for creativity of the recipes, my passion for brewing was ignited! I inadvertently stumbled across my perfect hobby (come profession!). It enables me to be creative with recipes and flavours while also developing my technical skills in science.


“Brewing is the perfect mix of art and science” 


When I was designing the brand aesthetic, I was wondering what to do and something just clicked. I've been collecting funky shirts for 20 years or more and have a wardrobe full of awesome designs, perfect for beer cans!

I spent the last 2 years growing the business alongside another job, and just went full time in February. For better or for worse, I am now self employed and a full time beer baron!


How did you start using the Pinter?

I started using the Pinter last year after it was recommended to me by another home brewer. Like them, I was also tight on space and needed a way to compactly make beer. So it was really about finding a way of making tasty Fresh Beer, in a smaller space, in a quicker time and the Pinter was perfect for that. 

I have made a number of the Pinter Fresh Beers but I have also brewed my own recipes in the Pinter as well. I can't recommend doing that as it will invalidate your warranty! However, for me, it was a great way to do smaller test batches and start to build my own business.


What did you enjoy about using the Pinter?

It was very practical in size, in comparison to a lot of home brewing equipment. It's easy to use,  consistent, and it makes the brewing process more accessible, whilst also removing some of the barriers to entry within the brewing industry. 

While I was working a full-time job and launching Jiddler’s Tipple, it was hard to find time to do a full 4 hour brew day, using traditional home brewing equipment. Having the option to use the Pinter, brewing in a faster time and still come out with delicious Fresh Beer, was great.


Sustainability is one of our core values and we’re constantly looking for ways to become more sustainable. Is this something you’re passionate about at Jidder’s Tipple?

Absolutely. We are committed to being as eco friendly as possible. We've just finalised a partnership to ensure we are carbon positive as a brand, which we do through afforestation programmes in Africa. We looked for a partner whereby the carbon credits we were purchasing were going towards projects that had already been completed, rather than ones that were going to be completed at some point in the future. This ensures that we are carbon positive right now.

We actually offset 25% more carbon than we produce, so every Jiddler's Tipple you enjoy you're helping plant trees and save the planet.

On top of this, we use paper labels for our cans instead of plastic.


“I think the Pinter lowers the barriers to entry within the brewing industry, allowing more people to give home brewing a go.”


How do you see the brewing industry changing over the next few years?

In terms of craft beer, I imagine that the trend of people's interest in provenance will continue. People are more interested in knowing who they're buying from and enjoying local produce.

I think lagers are going to come back into fashion in a bigger way. There's been a massive swing towards the biggest, juiciest, thickest IPA/Pales you can find. I think people may be a bit juiced out and things could swing back to some of the simpler more classic styles.

In terms of home brewing, like I said, I think the Pinter lowers the barriers to entry within the brewing industry, allowing more people to give home brewing a go. 


What’s your favourite type of beer to make?

I don't think I have a specific type of beer, it would probably be something new I haven't made before! Testing out a new recipe and new techniques is always fun.


What’s next for Jiddler’s Tipple?

As I said, I just went full time on the business, so this year is really about continuing to grow the brand and awareness in London. We've got a lineup of collaboration brews for the year and another core beer in the pipeline as well.

On top of this, we’re currently looking at a tap room so we have a home for Jiddler's Tipple.

We’ve also got a stand at Brew London on the 6th and 7th of May at Printworks. So, if you fancy trying the beer please pop by or check out our webstore. If you're keen to try some beer and get it sent straight to your door, use the code PINTER25 for 25% off your order.

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