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The Story Behind Pear Cider

Take a trip through the story of Pear Cider (sometimes called Perry due to Perry pears) and learn a bit about where it comes from, and why we decided now was the right time to create Pearway To Heaven for the Pinter.

History of Pear Cider & Perry
The first pears that were used for Perry were the cultivated pear P. communis, brought to northern Europe all the way back in time by the Romans. Over the years, it became native to only a few parts of the UK, with different varieties of pear springing up all over. In fact, there were over 100 varieties of Perry Pear alone in Gloucestershire, known by over 200 local names.

These local pears are particularly known for their picturesque names, such as the various "Huffcap'' varieties ('Hendre Huffcap', 'Red Huffcap', 'Black Huffcap'), those named for the effects of their product ('Merrylegs', 'Mumblehead'), pears commemorating an individual ('Stinking Bishop', named for the man who first grew it), or those named for the place they grew ('Hartpury Green', 'Bosbury Scarlet', 'Bartestree Squash').

So why isn’t Pear Cider as popular as Apple Cider? Well, pear trees famously take more time to mature than apple trees. While apple trees may come to bear fruit in three to five years, traditionally managed pear trees typically take much longer, so much so that people say that one plants "pears for your heirs"

Why was it the right time for Pinter?
In the previous few decades, the success of Perry and Pear Cider had waned, with changing tastes. But we’ve been really excited to see a movement in the past few years to get it back on the map, with Pear Ciders very in vogue right now. With the British Summer in full swing, we thought it would be the perfect time to bring a Pear Cider to our audience.

We didn’t want to just adapt ciders we had created before, we wanted to bring you something new. Creating the Pear Cider was an exciting challenge for our Brewing team and we can’t wait for you to try the refreshing, easy drinking and pearfect taste. You can go straight there by clicking here.

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