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Women In Engineering

Today is Women in Engineering Day, which means we have another excuse to shout out about the incredible female engineers that we are fortunate to have in the Pinter team. We spoke to Izzy, one of our Brewing Development Assistants at Pinter about why she got into brewing and what she’s most excited about for the future.


Tell us about how and why you got into brewing?

I was first introduced to good beer when I worked at a craft beer bar in Birmingham as a student.  When I moved to London post-lockdown, I started at Pinter as a Customer Service Agent knowing I wanted to be working in a role which involved beer in some way. As soon as the brewing development role came up I applied, and here I am!


What is the best part of your job?

The beer, the science and the people. Brewing is full of people who are genuinely excited about their work and are equally passionate about going to the pub. I love talking about yeast health over a pint. 


What advice would you give to other women looking to get involved in brewing?

Get used to being surrounded by bearded men with strong opinions and make sure you don't hold back your own opinions when faced with them - yours are just as valid.  Also, get used to unblocking drains.


What are your future goals at Pinter? 

I'm planning to keep making beer, drinking beer, and to keep on learning about how to make great beer. 


What is your favourite Pinter Style?

I'd say my favourite beers are Out of Office and Lost in Translation.  Out of Office is probably the recipe I'm most proud of. It took a lot of time and hard work to get that one right in the Pinter. The result, I think, was a success!  Lost in Translation is simply a really tasty beer that I could drink many pints of. 

Congratulations to Izzy who passed her General Certificate in brewing this week! A lot of hard work and dedication. Go Izzy!

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