Fresh Press Packaging


Your Pinter Pack is designed to be left at ambient room temperature; there is no need to keep it in the fridge.

Pouring your Fresh Press 

When your Pinter Pack is almost empty, be sure to roll it up to squeeze out the remaining drops. To make sure your Fresh Press is fully mixed, we recommend the following: 

  1. Shaking your Pinter vigorously for 60 seconds. Feel free to do this in different intervals if you cannot manage it all in one go! 
  2. Use water which hasn’t been chilled. Consider using a mix of warm and cold tap water in the colder months.
  3. Fresh Presses should not be stored in the fridge as this will only make them more difficult to mix - room temperature storage is best.

When undocking after brewing, if you find a small amount of Fresh Press mix in the Brewing Dock, please do not be alarmed. You will likely still have success - we recommend carrying on with the process and conditioning.

There’s no need to rinse your package out afterwards. We’ve done extensive testing in the Brewing Development team and have found that the new formulations consistently hit targets without rinsing the last few drops out.

Shelf Life

The shelf-life of a Pinter Pack is 9 months. You can check the Best Before date on the reverse of the Fresh Press.


Good quality yeast is essential for a healthy fermentation and high quality Fresh Beer. We have four different yeasts which will come with your Fresh Press. These four are:

Loyalty - a mild english ale strain designed to accentuate malt or hop forward beers.

Balance - a delicate lager/ale hybrid strain that brews refreshing light beers.

Rise - a super flavourful and high ester strain designed for wheat and belgian beers.

Vigour - a fast fermenting cider strain.

Spark - a strain designed especially for lagers that produces very clean and crisp flavour characteristics over a wide range of fermentation temperatures.

Below is a list of which yeast pairs with each Fresh Press:

Bavarian Rhapsody - Balance

Haus Of Hops - Balance

Roadie Remixed - Balance

Sunlit/Out Of Office - Spark (formerly brewed with Balance)

Ancestor's - Loyalty

Big DIPA - Loyalty

Bigmouth Remixed - Loyalty

Brewgooder Hazy IPA - Loyalty

Dark Matter - Loyalty

House Pale - Loyalty

Lost In Translation - Loyalty

Public House - Loyalty

Space Hopper - Loyalty

Space Hopper West Coast Edition - Loyalty

Stars & Stripes - Loyalty

Tropical Debate - Loyalty

Winter Sun - Loyalty

Naughty 'N' Spiced - Rise

Stonebridge - Rise

Weiss Nights - Rise

Waltham Forest - Vigour

Whole Nine Yards - Vigour

Home Wood - Vigour

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