You will see that your account area has had a refresh! 

What are the main changes?

Selecting your Fresh Beer

So that we can better ensure you receive your chosen beer, we will now only show available styles at the time you are selecting. Because of this, you will now select your Fresh Press for your next subscription, rather than 3 months ahead.

If when your order generates, your chosen beer is out of stock, you’ll receive an email notification to update your selection. Your subscription will then generate and you’ll receive your newly selected Fresh Press. If you have not selected an alternative Fresh Press in that time, your order will be held for a total of three days and then we will send you another community favourite so you still receive Fresh Beer that month.

How do I manage my subscription?

You can still manage your subscription as you did before within your Pinter account area.

Can I still pause or cancel?

Yes, your subscription is flexible so you can pause for 1,2,3 months or cancel at any time.

If you have a cancelled subscription, you can now reactivate this in your account area.

Can I now change my quantities?

Yes! You can now choose how many Fresh Presses you would like to receive each month. Simply just select more or fewer Fresh Presses in your account for your next order.

Flex the number of Fresh Presses

Your subscription is now even more flexible. You can increase and decrease the number of Fresh Presses you receive each month, at your convenience.

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