10 pints of Fresh Beer, made by you.


The Pinter [Pint-er]: precision-engineered technology for anyone to enjoy 10 pints of award-winning Fresh Beer at home. Made by you, designed to share. Take the Pinter, and use the handcrafted Fresh Press to start brewing. Put in the fridge for conditioning, and in a matter of days, enjoy award-winning, sustainable Fresh Beer. The freshness of beer is vital to its flavour. Ingredients are sensitive and degrade over time, impacting flavour. When it comes to beer, fresh is best.

10 pints of award-winning Fresh Beer, made by you in 5-10 days.

Tapped directly from the Pinter, meaning it doesn't go through packaging or storage before you drink it.


A Pinter Pack comes with everything you need to start Fresh Brewing - Fresh Press, Brewing Yeast, and Pinter Purifier. 

10 letterbox-friendly pints through your door, whenever you want them.


Pinter but not as you know it. Re-imagine, re-engineered and re-defined Fresh Brewing. From the base up.


Drinking with a Pinter means using the UK's most efficient way of delivering beer to your home. Because no water is shipped that's a vast 75% weight reduction in transit vs standard beer - so huge CO2 emissions savings are realised. 

A single Pinter Pack replaces 17 bottles or cans, so based on average use that means 408 fewer bottles or cans entering the waste stream annually. The Pinter is designed as a lifestyle change, and with any change of that nature - the more you do it, the greater the rewards. Better beer, better for the planet.


Patent-pending technology allowing you to enjoy freshly-hopped beer at home, for the first time.
Hops are sensitive and ingredients in beer degrade over time, impacting flavour. Add the Hopper (from a Pinter Pack - beer style dependent) to your Pinter during brewing and for a freshly-hopped sensory drinking experience.
A select range of Fresh Beers come with a Hopper, check the shop page below to discover more.