Tips & Tricks

The Pinter has been engineered to brew Fresh Beer consistently across average conditions, this means seamless brewing with minimal effort. If you’re looking for something more involved and you’re on a journey of flavour exploration you can opt for a slightly more involved process.

Read through our tips and tricks section for helpful pointers on great Pinter experience plus flavour variation.

Constant Temperature

Perfect Brewing Temperature

Perfect Conditioning Temperature

Perfect Serving Temperature

Conditioning with the Brewing Dock attached

Why purifying your Pinter is so important

Leave the purifier for 10 minutes

Perfect Pour

Pinter Weight

Pinter Dimensions

The Pinter™ Range

Store your Pinter Packs in the fridge

Rehydrate your Brewing Yeast

Opening the Carbonation Dial before tapping

Choosing the level of carbonation

Re-using your spent yeast

Replacing a part of the Pinter

Use filtered water for lagers and pilsners

Polishing your Pinter