How do I change my address for delivery?
You can add or change your delivery address at any point from your account section on the website or from the Fresh Beer Club section of the Pinter App. 

To promote an address to be your primary address, simply click 'Make main address'. This is where we'll deliver your subscription orders.

When will I receive my monthly Fresh Beer Club order?
Your monthly order will be dispatched on the same day each month. The dispatch day is the same day on which you purchased/activated your subscription. If you start your subscription on the last day of any month, it will default to the last day of each subsequent month.


Can I change the date of my subscription?
Yes, as long as you haven’t changed within the last 3 months, you can now change the date of your monthly subscription. To update your subscription date, please contact Customer Service and we'll be able to update it in your account.


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