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Beers and Bites

Are you curious about which foods perfectly pair with your favourite Fresh Beers? Or perhaps you’re looking for inspiration for your next Fresh Beer social. If so, you have landed in the right place.

Introducing Beers and Bites, our beer and food pairing menu, carefully curated by the expert Pinter Brewing Team.

So, without further ado, we’ll let you tuck in.


Something a little lighter

Our picks: Out of Office, House Pale, Public House, Whole Nine Yards

This selection of beers and ciders are, we believe, best paired with complimentary flavours. Their refreshing nature means they’re delicious when teamed up with light meals or substantial snacks. We’re talking about a crisp chilli and mango summer salad on a warm summer’s evening, or a bowl of fresh Mediterranean stuffed olives.

Alternatives: chicken caesar salad, pomegranate salad, roasted vegetable couscous.

Let’s get spice-y

Our picks: Tropical Debate, Winter Sun, Space Hopper, Big DIPA.

The range of IPAs available today makes it tricky to pin them down to one specific cuisine, however IPAs come to life when enjoyed with foods that are spicy or have a variation of spices. These four Fresh Beers in particular are cracking with the aromatics of Thai food. If you are up for something with a bit more kick, pair with a bowl of szechuan aubergine.

Alternatives: shakshuka, kofte skewers or a takeaway from your local curry house.


Finger food

Our Picks: Weiss Nights, Stars and Stripes, Bigmouth Remixed, Space Hopper West Coast Edition.

Whether you are throwing a party, or the family is just a touch peckish, these combinations should hit the spot. Pour yourself and your loved ones a pint of these Fresh Beers and pick away at scotch eggs, a bowl of pistachios or some falafel and hummus. If you’re feeling fancy, why not cook up some calamari or pan-fry a few portions of dim sum.

Alternatives: almond biscotti, injera, or the family favourite crisps and dip.

The classics

Our picks: Lost In Translation, Public House, Dark Matter, Waltham Forest, Haus of Hops.

Timeless dishes for timeless styles. This full-bodied collection of Fresh Beer calls for food that has heart, soul, and a whole lot of flavour. Think cod and mushy peas from your local chippy or a classic British cheese board. And we can’t discuss Public House without recommending this beauty crafted by Nottingham-based chef, Jack Pearce.

Alternatives: creamy chicken dishes, roast chicken, or a shepherd’s pie.


World favourites

Our picks: Stars & Stripes, Stonebridge, Haus of Hops, Out of Office, Bavarian Rhapsody.

These beers work well with a variety of foods from a variety of cuisines. If you have Stonebridge ready to tap, whip yourself up some moules et frites for a real treat. Stars & Stripes goes hand-in-hand with deep pan pizza or a halloumi and chilli jam burger. Finally, they are all perfectly combined with roasted monkfish, spanakopita or sausage and sauerkraut.

Alternatives: pulled pork wrap, grilled shrimp or steak and Moroccan lamb tagine.

Do you have your own recipe or Fresh Beer pairing that deserves to be shared with the world? We want to hear from you! Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and show us what you’ve got!

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