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Football & Beer - A love story

Beer and football. Football and beer. It’s a love story like no other. But have you ever wondered why this duo is romanticised by so many across the globe? Us too! So we did a little thinking around why this is so you don’t have to. So kick your feet up, sip your Fresh Beer, and listen up.

The chinwag before, the chinwag after
Ah, the pre and post-game pint. Football heritage.

Go to any match up and down the country - from Premier League to non-league - and you’ll find a pub full of match-goers, pint in hand with the same conversation. Discussing the football. “Keeper had a 'mare”, “What went wrong in that first half?”, “My nan could do better than that”.

But it’s not just those with a Season Ticket who get to enjoy the sense of occasion. Watching at your local with a couple of mates? Pint of lager. Showing your neighbour your flashy new Co-Pinter? Grab a chair and stick the footy on! Football and beer are catalysts that bring people together over two common joys. And that’s why we love ‘em.

You don’t have to look far today to see a beer brand sponsoring a football team, a league or even a World Cup. But way back (way, way back) in the late 1800s, many breweries actually financed professional clubs. Wild, right? Well, this early backing of the sport has clearly paid off, with beer (and in particular, lager) now deeply ingrained in football culture.

Would you want to see Pinter one day sponsoring a football club? The Space Hopper Arena, anyone? 👀🚀

Most football fans will have their favourite club, and the chances that all of your mates also support that club are quite frankly slim pickings. However, when international tournament football comes along every couple of years, the people come together and the beer comes out (and gets thrown, apparently).

In fact, during the 2018 World Cup it’s thought that almost half a BILLION beers were consumed during the tournament. That’s the equivalent of 50,000,000 Pinters! Anyone up for a Guinness World Record attempt?

International football also presents an opportunity to host loved ones in a way that club football doesn’t. Tonight there’ll be waves of families and mates huddled together around the telly, belting out the National Anthem, all in hope of the same result.

Having people over for The first ever Manchester Derby FA Cup Final? Check out some of our hosting tips.

Right, we’ve said our piece. Do you agree that football and beer is a match made in heaven? Let us know your favourite beer and football memory!

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