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That Magical Spark - the lowdown on our latest lager yeast

In the vast and intricate world of brewing, the choice of yeast plays a pivotal role in shaping the flavour, aroma, and overall character of the final product. As we said in our blog, It’s In The Yeast, it’s the most important ingredient in brewing and your Pinter Packs. Fermentation is everything in the production of beer, cider, and other forms of alcohol. Without it, you can’t really call a beer, beer. Among the myriad options available, two strains, Balance and Spark stand out as two useful options for brewers aiming to craft exceptional lagers. In this blog post, we will explore the characteristics of each yeast strain and delve into the nuances that make Spark, our latest lager yeast, the superior choice for lagers.


A strain designed especially for lagers that produces very clean and crisp flavour characteristics over a wide range of fermentation temperatures. 


Clean Fermentation: Spark has an exceptionally clean fermentation. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for brewing lagers where a crisp, well-defined profile is desired.

Temperature Flexibility: This yeast strain performs admirably across a range of temperatures, from cooler conditions to warmer ale fermentation temperatures. This will be especially useful as we continue to broaden our lager range (hint hint 😉).

Attenuation: Spark ensures that the beer reaches the desired level of dryness without compromising on mouthfeel or body.



A delicate lager/ale hybrid strain that brews refreshing light beers.

Balance was designed as a neutral yeast with minimal ester production as well as a clean fermentation profile - previously the best yeast available to impart the crisp flavour you desire with a lager, as well as to allow other ales’ hop and malt character to shine. Balance is best used at the lower end of the recommended brewing temperatures of 16-25C.



Why Spark Takes the Lead for Lager

Whilst both Spark and Balance yeasts have their merits, Spark is superior for lager brewing, having been developed with lagers specifically in mind. Balance does a good job of achieving a good flavour profile and is more versatile in the sense that it can be used for both ale and lager. 

However, Spark builds on this, producing cleaner flavours, boasting a better temperature flexibility, and it has a higher attenuation (attenuation: percentage of sugars which will ferment), giving you the crispest end result that you’d hope for when brewing Sunlit. Due to its added temperature flexibility, Spark will also produce the desired lager characteristics on a more consistent basis than Balance can.  


Spark will be a welcome addition to Sunlit lager, bringing it to new heights. Whilst both strains have their unique strengths and Balance may stick around to provide a neutral base in other ales, Spark’s versatility and clean fermentation profile make it the standout choice for your lager brewing needs.

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