Keeping your area clean

Achieving a sterile environment is essential to a healthy fermentation. Typical household cleaning gets the Pinter very close, but using the purifier guarantees a sterile environment for a healthy fermentation and successful Fresh Beer.

Cleaning the slightly tougher bits

Any tougher areas may need scrubbing with a soft cloth or sponge and hot water. If you use soap, be careful to rinse it all out well.

If you are finding any parts especially stiff to put together and/or take apart, running them under water can act as a nice natural lubricant to help you.

Happy feet

If you are using a Pinter 2 and can feel water between the inner and outer casing, check out our advice here. If you are using a Pinter 3, you can now take off one of the rubber feet and drain this out - please see the diagram below. To avoid this, you should try and avoid submerging the Pinter fully in water.



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