Pinter 2

Important Safety Advice for Pinter 2 & Co-Pinter 2 Despatched Between 9th December 2021 and 19th April 2022.

This page was last updated on 24th November 2022. Sorry, we are no longer accepting Core Pinter returns or sending out replacements.

I've not ordered a new Core Pinter. Can I continue brewing?

We can confirm from reports and investigations, this fault affects less than 0.06% of all Pinter 2 and Co-Pinter 2 machines. 

We have now stopped Core Pinter returns and replacements. If you bought a Pinter 2 between 9th December 2021 and 19th April 2022 and haven't ordered a new Core Pinter, you are still able to make Fresh Beer but we ask that you brew with your Carbonation Dial on the OFF setting.

The following beers are most suitable for brewing on the ‘OFF’ Carbonation Dial setting:

  • Dark Matter Stout
  • Lost in Translation Brown Ale
  • Public House IPA
  • Coppermill
  • Welsh Red

What is a Core Pinter?

A Core Pinter is the outer and inner main body, excluding the tap, tap handle, front cap, hopping cap, main cap, conical and brewing dock. It’s important that when you send your Pinter 2 and/or Co-Pinter 2 back to us, that you remove these parts. These parts are unaffected by the fault and therefore you can continue to use your existing ones.

We’ll provide more information on how to detach these items when it’s time for you to send your Pinter(s) back to us.

Are any other products you sell affected?

No, this issue is only impacting Pinter 2 and Co-Pinter 2 and no other products.

How do I tap reduced carbonated beer?

Tap with the handle at 90 degrees. With the Carbonation Dial set to ‘OFF’, there will be less pressure present in your Pinter. To aid with tapping our guidance is to tap at 90 degrees. Essentially this means pulling the tap as far as it will go.

My Pinter 2 leaks when I fill it when brewing on ‘OFF’, why is this?

For brewing and conditioning, you should set the Dial to ‘OFF’. However, for filling and shaking, please turn to 1. Then turn the carbonation dial to ‘OFF’ and continue at ‘OFF’ for the rest of the steps, including conditioning. This is to ensure that the Fresh Press does not come out of the valve when filling and shaking.

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