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Introducing Pinter 3

A vision of brewing incredible, award-winning Fresh Beer at home, in a single, beautiful machine.

Rooted in quality design, ease of use, consistency and reliability, delivering you the best Fresh Beer experience to date. Beer made by you, fresh from the Pinter, when flavour is at its peak.

Discover Pinter 3.


Take control of your perfect pour.

The Active Pour Tap can adapt to any variable pressure state inside the Pinter. You control your perfect beer serve, from the first pour to the last few drops. The path of the beer from Pinter to glass is a controlled journey, meaning bright, lively carbonation and mouthfeel.

The Active Pour Tap is new with Pinter 3. We know it’s going to elevate how you experience Fresh Beer, so it’s also compatible with Pinter 2 and available to order separately.

Read the story of development of the Active Pour Tap here.


Pinter 3 is a refined evolution of brewing technology. The innovative upgrades designed by our Product Development team will transform your experience. Incredible Fresh Beer at home has never been easier. 

Lightweight but robust, the primary material is a textured Polymer body. This means that it’s 45% lighter than Pinter 2, which makes all the difference when it’s full of liquid. The textured Polymer body aids handling, especially when wet, enhancing ergonomics and improving durability. With quality and longevity at the forefront, Pinter 3 is hard-wearing and built to last. It enables continuous brewing cycles to your heart's content.

Available in 3 bold and beautiful colours: Deep Grey, Rich Red and Electric Blue, the choice is yours.



Pinter 3 is thoughtfully designed to be reliable and consistent time and time again, but also stunning to look at. 

Haptic texturing of the Carbonation Dial, a refined size and shape, and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) debossed trim running through the body add finesse, plus aids handling.

Rubber feet on the rear protect from scratching while filling. Redesigned feet on the base ensure stability. One of these rubber feet is removable, so if any fluid enters the case cavity, you can drain it easily. 

Designing Pinter 3 was a process of refinement, with a laser focus on quality and user experience. We’ve been conducting community user trials so that we best understand your needs and keep you at the forefront. We’ve also taken a colossal step forward in quality assurance and manufacturing. 


The new and improved Brewing Dock is durable and lightweight. With a perfect hand-sized recess, docking and undocking the Pinter has never been easier. It’s finished off with an elegant TPE trim of its own.

Pinter 3 is packaged with an elegant hood to protect it in transit. You can use this to keep your Brewing Dock safe when not in use - just make sure it’s dry first. If you prefer not, it is fully recyclable.


Time-honoured craft meets innovative technology. Pinter produces 10 pints of outstanding, brewery-fresh beer. Our brewing team is always working to create new styles to add to our growing range of Fresh Presses. 

The raw ingredients used in our Fresh Presses are of the highest quality. We were recognised for our incredible beers at the World Beer Awards in 2022: Lost In Translation, Gold World Beer Award and UK Winner in the Dark Beer category. Big DIPA, UK Bronze award in the IPA category.

Our patent-pending Hopper lets you freshly hop during brewing, for an unparalleled sensory drinking experience and next-level flavour. Pinter 3 is compatible with all Fresh Presses and Hoppers. 

The recent upgrades to our Fresh Press and yeast packaging, the massive step into world-class manufacturing and the product design rooted in community feedback and exceptional quality have converged to deliver the best Fresh Beer experience yet. If you'd like to find out more about the manufacturing process behind Pinter 3 take a look at this video from our Head of Quality, Mark.

We’re currently well into the development stages and we'll let you know as soon as it's available to order. Sign up to be notified.  

Thank you to our community for your continued support. We cannot wait to share this next stage of Pinter with you.



What is a food-grade ABS body?

ABS stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and is a food-grade plastic used in food and drink processing tools such as food processors. It retains its strength against strain and abrasion as well as low temperatures.

What is a glass fibre-reinforced PBT?

PBT stands for Polybutylene terephthalate, it is a material with high rigidity and mechanical strength. It’s able to meet our precise manufacturing tolerances. 

What is TPE?

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer. It is a flexible, rubber-like plastic. It’s made from non-toxic recyclable plastics is eco-friendly. 

What does Haptic texture mean?

This design feature refers to ridges on the surface of elements such as the Carbonation Dial and Tap collar. This helps you grip the components more easily.

Discover Pinter 3 and take control of your perfect pour. 

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