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Quality Fresh Beer made with you in mind

What do we do to ensure that you can brew the best possible Fresh Beer? Many an hour goes into formulating our next Fresh Press. It can take up to 6 months of planning, research, testing, and perfecting a brand new Fresh Press before we bring it to the community. As much time goes into technically improving established recipes and mastering Pinter brewing science as it does new recipe formulation. Our Fresh Presses are continuously refined to improve them as we research more into how best to brew with the specific conditions which a Pinter provides. Pressure fermenting in the same vessel from which you will later dispense, dry hopping at pressure, and using malt extract and hop oils also in that same vessel, are all part of an incredibly unique and inventive way of brewing, and we know how best to do it. From the high quality raw materials which make up a Press to the years of experience and skills from all of the brewing team, we’ve got the best setup to make the perfect Fresh Beer. Not everyone can say that! 

Quality Ingredients are key

The raw materials used in our Fresh Presses are of the highest quality. We’re not going to cheap out on malt, yeast, and hops; they’re so key to the final product you drink, not to mention that using other ingredients would void your warranty! We use hop products which are steam distilled immediately after harvest time, producing the fullest, freshest possible hop flavours in our Fresh Presses, where all essential oils have been captured. Our malt provider has offered industry leading supplies to the UK for over a century now, offering a brilliant range of malts which are treated diligently and allow us to develop complex flavours and aromas. The yeast provided in your Pinter Pack is from companies which are global leaders in the development, production, and research of yeast. Fermentation is an essential step in Fresh Beer production, so we never want to skimp on the yeast. 

For each Fresh Press, specific malt, yeast, and hops have been chosen and designed not only for each recipe, but for their suitability to Pinter brewing, such as the Nelson-grown New Zealand hops used in Bigmouth Remixed, our Pinter X Yeastie Boys collaboration.  

Our Expert Team Behind the Scenes

When you buy a Fresh Press, you’re not only buying ingredients, you’re buying the expertise we have as the most experienced Pinter brewers. The brewing team are of course the driving force behind everything that goes into our Fresh Presses. They work tirelessly to ensure the consistency of each Fresh Press,whilst coming up with new ideas and, importantly, they know how best to produce high quality beer using a Pinter through conducting technical trials which underpin how your Pinter operates. 

Andy - Head Brewer

Andy has many years of experience as a brewer and has had a whole range of brewery jobs which have taught him all about recipe design and the technical side of brewing. Andy is responsible for researching all avenues to improve the way in which our Fresh Presses are made and brewed, trialling new ingredients as well as investigating various biochemical variables which are key in the production of a beer.


Izzy - Innovation Brewer

Izzy is in charge of Recipe Design. Her job is to come up with exciting new Fresh Press ideas which will ultimately become the delicious Fresh Beer in your home! Every new brew takes three-six months until we’re ready to show it to the world at its best. The team brews it, then brews it again and again until they’re satisfied with the quality to roll it out.  

Wiktoria - Quality Coordinator

Wiktoria has been with the company for a long while now in numerous roles. From the warehouse, to the packaging team, to stocking supervisor, she has now completed her journey to Quality Coordinator. It is Wiktoria’s job to ensure that all quality control and quality assurance systems are up to scratch, which guarantees consistency in our production and that anything below our standards doesn't make it out. This is where the fine tuning of our production takes place and the final product is transformed into your delicious Fresh Beer.

Will - Brewing Development Assistant

Will has also been with Pinter for the long haul and is integral to everything that goes on with our production. With over 7 years’ experience in food production, Will heads up everything back of house for the brewing team after spending a period as a blending supervisor previously. Without him, we’d lose track of everything going on in our busy production schedule and the quality would start to drop, but luckily he keeps us in line. 

Here’s what the world has to say about our Fresh Beer

“The drinks we made during testing were lively, refreshing, and hit the spot in a way bottled or canned beer usually just can’t.” The Independent 

“You can't call yourself a beer lover without trying one of Pinter's [Fresh Presses].” What’s The Best 

We also recently won three awards at The World Beer Awards 2022!

  • Lost In Translation - Gold World Beer Award and UK Winner - Dark Beer category. 
  • Big Dipa - UK Bronze award - IPA category.
  • Low Profile - UK Silver award - No & Low category.

How about that?! Not bad for something you make at home, eh?

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